Last episode Market negotiations welcomes Nicholas Merten, founder of DataDash, one of the largest cryptocurrency channels on YouTube.

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Merten is an international speaker, thought leader and cryptanalyst. He used his 10+ years of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies and help his 515,000 YouTube subscribers make better investment decisions.

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One topic of discussion with Merten is the recent price rally in Bitcoin (BTC). Have the markets finally come out of the sideways trend they have been stuck in for months, or is this just another emerging bull trap when BTC drops below $20,000 again?

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As all seasoned traders and experts look at the BTC 200-week moving average, Merten is being asked about the meaning of this indicator and why so many consider it so important. Do they also fall into where he sees BTC going in the near future, towards $30,000 or back to $17,000?

Another topic of discussion is whether retail investors are starting to return to the market – could this play a role in the price rally? Ethereum (ETH) has been doing exceptionally well lately and there have been more updates about its transition from proof of work protocol to proof of stake. Can Ethereum Lead the Markets This Time, Not Bitcoin? The hosts will look at the ETH chart to get a better picture.

As the price of bitcoin rises, altcoins never fall behind. Jebb and Merten will look at some of the top performing altcoins and find out which ones haven’t hit the ground running yet. Speaking of altcoins, Polygon’s MATIC has recently experienced price increases following the news that it was accepted into the Disney accelerator program – the only blockchain platform to do so. They will discuss what this could mean for the platform and also take a look at the chart.

Tune in to make your voice heard. The hosts will be answering questions and comments throughout the show, so be sure to get them ready to go.

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