A tribute to hardworking heroes: A Hard Working Man – Blue Collar Pass

In 2022, the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was criticized by those who questioned their usefulness. However, the Hardworking Man Digital Collectibles Project (AHWM) team is committed to changing that perception. In collaboration with Cryptooshala and Animal Concerts, the team behind the hit single “A Hard Working Man”, including Grammy Award-winning production duo The Avila Brothers, is releasing a real-life NFT collection featuring hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg and music country. tycoon Billy Ray Cyrus.

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To add to the excitement of the NFT’s downfall and provide real value to its holders, the AHWM team is offering gifts for NFT holders such as meet and greets with Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus, Los Angeles trips, exclusive Metaverse concert tickets, and many gift cards. .

While the NFT sale will soon go public, limited early access will be available from January 25 to February 10 through ownership of A Hard Worker – Blue Collar Pass. Receiving one of these limited edition passes will give buyers a token that serves as proof of purchase for the official AHWM mint. Blue Collar Pass holders will receive a free AHWM NFT sent to the wallet containing the pass at a flat discount for pass holders as the value of the passes is lower than the face value of the actual NFTs.

There are two separate editions for presale passes that are combined with the respective AHWM NFT editions: Blue Collar Pass – Hustler Edition and Blue Collar Pass – Overachiever Edition.

In addition to ethereal gifts for AHWM NFT holders, Blue Collar Pass holders will also be eligible for future AHWM and Animal Concerts NFT drops, get exclusive access to the private Blue Collar Discord channel, and keep the Blue Collar Pass in their NFT collection forever.

This project aims to serve as a prime example of how blockchain technology can force society to challenge its concept of digital engagement and consider new ways to interact with existing infrastructure. Join the movement and get your Hardworking Man – Blue Collar Pass – Hustler Edition or Successful release Today.

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