AAG’s MetaOne Wallet Adds Support For New Blockchains & Customizable Onboarding

Web3 Infrastructure Provider AAG announced a major update to its flagship product, MetaOne Wallet it is designed to help new users enter the nascent metaverse economy.

To ease the onboarding process for new users to Web3, MetaOne eliminates the need for users to securely store their own private keys. It also offers user-friendly features such as fiat deposits via Simplex and Coinbase Pay, an integrated decentralized application marketplace for approved dApps and educational resources.

With the launch of the MetaOne 2.0 wallet, Web3 accessibility will become even more convenient, AAG says, as it will be easier than ever for users to manage their digital assets.

The most notable new feature is the added support for four new blockchains, including Oasis, SaakuruAAG-owned layer 2 protocol for Oasys and Solution And Avalanchetwo leading DeFi networks in the crypto industry.

In addition, MetaOne gets a number of interesting enterprise features. For example, MetaOne Connect is for companies that would like to set up the onboarding process for their communities. With it, companies can streamline the process with a QR code that users scan to download a customized version of MetaOne. Companies could pre-install certain dApps for users, which would immediately appear on the main wallet screen. Alternatively, they can provide users with a small amount of tokens to pay for gas, which will appear in their wallets after the connection process is completed. And if a company requires users to complete KYC, they can provide a form to facilitate this right after they complete the registration steps.

The second new enterprise feature is MetaOne ZK, which provides zero-knowledge proof-based identity verification that does not violate the privacy of wallet users, allowing them to verify who they say they are without revealing any personal information.

That’s all for now, but AAG is promising some cool features coming to its wallet in the coming weeks. These include a new wallet address book feature that allows users to store frequently used addresses, and Wallet Connect 2.x integration that will allow users to instantly connect MetaOne to various dApps. Users will also get a cross-chain asset swap feature, allowing them to swap assets between different supporting blockchains directly from the wallet. Finally, AAG plans to add fiat off ramps to MetaOne, providing users with an easy way to sell their cryptocurrency for fiat, which is deposited directly into their traditional bank account.

The latest version of the MetaOne wallet is already available for both android And iOS.

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