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Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 21, 2023, Chainwire

Spheroid secures $25 million in investment commitment from ABO Digital as a strategic financing partner.

Spheroid is an AR/XR platform that uses the SPH utility token to power all activities in its ecosystem.

This funding commitment from ABO Digital is an important milestone for Spheroid, which plans to use the funds to continue building tools and capabilities within Spheroid Universe, such as Spheroid Script (a cross-platform programming language). language that has been developed to simplify and reduce the cost of developing AR/XR applications) and Spheroid Demiurg IDE (a cloud-based integrated development environment for programmers and designers who work together on AR/XR projects) are), others are included.

“This commitment from ABO Digital will enable Spheroid to continue to develop and expand the infrastructure within Spheroid Universe,” said Andrea De Marco, Managing Director of Spheroid Universe.

“We are excited to work with the Spheroid team moving forward,” said Amin Nedzai, Director of ABO Digital.

about round

Spheroid Universe (Spheroid), an expanded reality metaverse company, announced that it has received an investment commitment from ABO Digital for its utility token SPH. Spherical is a platform for the development of extended reality projects. The technical basis of the platform is the Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script programming language designed for AR/XR creation.

SPH is the native token of the Spheroid ecosystem which powers the activities of the platform. This can be exchanged for Spaces (virtual lands of the spherical universe), which are used in XR to advertise, place content, and various platform services. Among the products powered by SPH is Spheroid Earth – an open global project to create Earth’s 3D digital twin.

About ABO Digital

ABO Digital is a digital asset investment firm, and part of the Alpha Blue Ocean Group, which has executed over $2 billion in financing commitments for publicly listed companies around the world. ABO Digital is based in the Bahamas and invests in cryptocurrency projects globally.

Liaison Managing Director
Andrea DeMarco
spherical universe
[email protected]


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