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Agoras: Cryptocurrency Designed to Evolve Alongside Humanity

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Agoras is a cryptocurrency Yes. If you haven’t heard of Tau yet, it is the world’s first decentralized blockchain social network that will be able to take the thoughts, advice and knowledge of its users and update its own software in real time to give all users control over what the software does for them and how it develops at any scale.

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In Tau, your profile, containing all your opinions and knowledge, is called an alignment. The consensus of all worldviews will determine the next version of Tau, giving you the opportunity to create a new digital universe that you all control. The innovation of user control will also be reflected in Cryptocurrency Agoras.

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Cryptocurrency managed by its users

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The Agoras cryptocurrency will represent the value of everything you want to sell or buy on the Tau network, from global knowledge to computer resources. By participating in discussions about Tau and updating your mindset as a by-product, you will be able to collaboratively and permanently influence every aspect of Agoras tokenomics, making it the first fully user-driven and contributed cryptocurrency.

Versatility Agoras

Agor’s strength lies in the ever-growing assets of the Tau economy. As you participate in discussions about the Tau, your alignment will instantly register and store any personal knowledge you share. All this knowledge will be available for monetization. You will be able to sell it, rent it to other users, and trade it for other assets in the Tau economy, allowing you to reuse your knowledge across multiple transactions for recurring automatic earnings.

Monetizing knowledge on Tau will also be much easier than the current traditional ways of monetizing knowledge, where you have to manually spend time on detailed consultations or answering specific questions. Because Tau understands that even some of your knowledge can be part of someone else’s problem, it will allow you to automatically combine the knowledge of multiple users to create solutions to important and complex problems. This ensures that the acquired knowledge is 100% consistent with the buyer’s requirements. You may not even know that you have some of the knowledge that someone is looking for, and you can still benefit from it, because Tau will understand what knowledge is needed and who owns it over the network.

Selling knowledge will not be the only way to make money on Agoras. You will also be able to make resources on your smartphone, laptop, and tablet, such as the CPU, hard drive, GPU, and memory, available to trade and rent for agoras and other assets in the Tau economy. While selling a portion of your processor in traditional markets may be next to impossible, in the Tau economy your computing resources will become valuable because they will be combined with those of billions of people, easily surpassing the capacity of all the servers of the largest technology companies. .

In addition to knowledge and computer resources, Agoras will also include a derivatives market that will feature financial instruments such as futures and options, as well as the unique opportunity to earn risk-free interest without inflation in the supply of Agoras tokens.

Automatically matched deals

The ability of the network to capture your identity will also greatly improve the closing of transactions. Since the Tau can automatically represent you and act in accordance with your worldview, taking into account your philosophy, ethics and desires, it will automatically identify and create the best possible deals for you and give you a competitive advantage in the market. This feature, called offline representation, will allow you to automatically and intelligently trade with your Currentlycomputer resources and financial assets.

On Tau, you can get the deal you want without having to figure out how to get it. All you have to do is tell Tau the outcome you want, and he will instantly create a trade-to-trade path that will eventually trade your goods for the goods you want. The platform’s revolutionary Logic AI engine will also process each transaction automatically and autonomously.

Your needs are taken into account

Transaction fees, consensus mechanisms, stock issuance or burning, token-based voting mechanisms, and creative incentives for all users, everything in the Tau economy can be invented, proposed, and re-engineered by simply saying what you want it to be.

Your opinion on how the world economy should function is constantly changing, and so Agoras will make sure that its economy takes into account your worldview, evolving along with your desires and needs.

Learn more about Agora and Tau

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