Announcing the Partners for the 2023 DAO Global Hackathon


• February 10, 2023 • 2 min read

We’re excited to announce our partners for the DAO Global Hackathon this April!

Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of new DAO tools and coordination primitives emerge, but organizations are having a hard time integrating them. This hackathon will focus on implementing the “LEGOS thesis” that enables DeFi into DAOs. We’ll focus on existing tools and how we can integrate them to empower the organizations of the future.

The hackathon will run for 4 weeks and will be hosted on a dedicated hackathon platform which includes hacker profiles, matchmaking, bounty offers and active support.

We are still open to partners, so contact our event manager Ryan [email protected]!

Partners for the 2023 DAO Global Hackathon

Check out our partners for the Hackathon!


Mantle is a modular Ethereum Layer 2 with low fees and high security. The project was developed at BitDAO, an ecosystem of builders and products that grow the crypto space.


DAOLens is a community management tool for DAOs. Combine collaborations, tasks, offers, bounties and payouts in one place. You can also manage grants, have community discussions and vote in a snap, all in one place.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

ENS is a decentralized naming service on Ethereum. They provide .eth domain names that make Ethereum addresses human readable. ENS is not only critical infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem, but also one of the leading DAOs today.


Snapshot is one of the most popular voting frameworks used in DAOs. Their gasless, offchain voting platform makes it easy to cast a token vote in your DAO, and has launched hundreds of organizations.


DeepDAO is an analysis service for the DAO sector. They track proposals, votes, funds, and other metrics that provide valuable data for DAOs.


NFTR is the decentralized NFT name registry on Ethereum. Name your NFT, create a profile page, send messages and even upload funds to the NFT just like a bank.


VG is the client resource manager for the DAO Asset Management Service. They make it easy to manage assets in DAOs and even grow asset management businesses.


Exponent is the decentralized treasury management for The DAO. You can use their tools to manage your treasury while still keeping the keys to your crypto—no custodial management.

lit protocol

The LIT Protocol is decentralized cryptography for access control, computation, and encryption. They provide a key without a master key that works across blockchains, storage networks, and other platforms.


Ceramic is a decentralized Web3 data network that brings unlimited connectivity to Web3 applications. With their permissionless data streaming network, you can store streams of information and ever-changing files directly on the decentralized web.


POKT, or Pocket Network, provides the decentralized infrastructure for the Web3. Their mission is to coordinate open access to the world’s public data and empower anyone to provide unblocked infrastructure.


Vokdoni is an open-source blockchain voting protocol that is scalable, auditable, censorship-resistant, and anonymous. They are the most open, secure and universally verifiable voting protocol used by hundreds of organizations around the world.

We are still open to partners. join us!

As a Hackathon participant, 100% of your sponsorship will fund the bounties and prizes you define. We’ll take care of the rest.

Come build bears with us! email ryan [email protected] to learn more about posting a bounty and becoming a partner!


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