Another ‘strong’ crypto bull run may lie ahead, thinks market analyst Filbfilb

Cryptooshala Cryptocurrency Trading Secrets The podcast has released its fifth episode featuring Filbfilb, a crypto analyst and trader who is popular on Crypto Twitter. There have been several bull and bear markets in the crypto space since the industry was born with the launch of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009. Every overarching cryptocurrency bull and bear market has been driven primarily by Bitcoin price action and market cycles, which makes sense given that BTC is the largest and best-known crypto asset. Filbfilb believes that another significant bull market could remain in the crypto industry, according to his interview with host Benjamin Pyrus recorded Jan. 26.

“I think there will always be bull and bear markets,” Philbfilb said when asked if Bitcoin would continue to see bull and bear cycles. “There are bull markets and bear markets in every market for some reason,” he continued, adding:

“Bitcoin’s biggest driving force is pretty much speculation, and I really think we’re still a speculative industry. I do think there is a good chance that we will have another very strong cryptocurrency bull market. Each cycle brings more people, more understanding, more acceptance of what we’re trying to achieve, questioning why it exists, and so on.”

“So I believe we have gas in the tank to do one more cycle,” Filbfilb added, going on to detail his rationale. However, he shared his reservations about the potential scope of the bull run, pointing out that Bitcoin’s highs are becoming less dramatic over time, according to his logarithmic chart. In this episode, Filbfilb also talks about his past, including his career path and more.

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