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Protocol Integration Pirate Chain (ARRR) integration – after successfully performing First KMD/ARRR DEX trade In 2021, several improvements to ARRRtomic swap technology now enable shielded cross-chain P2P atomic swaps directly on the AtomicDEX desktop! This technique is named ‘ARRRtomic swaps’ in honor of the Pirate Chain (ARRR). Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) Integration – Thanks in large part to the Bitcoin Cash community, the successful Atomicdex SLP Flipstarter campaign has helped Atomicdex become the first cross-chain/protocol decentralized exchange to adopt the SLP token standard. New ListingKomodo SmartChain Coins: ARRR, ZOMBIE, ILNFUTXO Coins: CHTA, LNC, AVN, NENGTestcoins: ZOMBIEBEP-20 Tokens: ILNF, JST, LOOM, LRC, BTCZ, WOOERC-20 Tokens: LOOM, TAMA, GLM, LDO, WOOPLG-20 20 tokens: ILNF, ILNSW, ANKR, APE, ATOM, BRZ, GLM, KNC, LDO, SOL, WOO, YFI FTM-20 tokens: APE, WOOAVX-20 tokens: BRZ, GMX, KNC, WOOKRC-20 tokens: SHIBSLP Tokens: USDT, TTT, ASLP , SPICE, FLEXUSD, SOUR, PSF, MAZE, USDF Delisting: ABY-OLD, ZET-OLD, JSTR, ETHK-OPT20, ETHR-ARB20, ETHRenhancements Coin listing/delisting by sourcing directly from coin repositories Streamline the -label deployment (use nv variable for mm2/rpc) Alert when trade high margin increase add expire_at form sh ortcuts to prices, min volume input If orders are open get confirmation on exit Best order Use v2 request format for UTXO mergingImprove frontend coin logicVisual tweaksFixedAdd vertical resizing feature to widget componentUpdated OSX code signingUpdated virusTotal Action versionUpdate installer frameworkFixed miscellaneous visual bugsHandle errors gracefullyUpdated problem templatesEnsure debug logs are on release builds Fix some main loop crashes not shown


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