Binance to bring fans closer to sports teams with fan token platform

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has released a new update to its fan token platform that aims to help sports teams engage with their fans by offering various rewards to token holders.

In an announcement sent to Cryptooshala, the cryptocurrency exchange said its fan club program will now allow fans to collect points that they can redeem for rewards that range from receiving game tickets, accessing meet and greets, receiving video clips from their favorite players. and participation in exclusive dinners with athletes.

A fan of the Binance Fan Token program at a meeting with Luca Romero from Lazio (Italy). Source: Binance

Members can earn points by participating in various activities with Fan Tokens, such as voting in polls or completing other simpler tasks. A higher level of participation will allow fans to access better rewards.

Lisa He, head of NFT and Fan Token at Binance, argues that fan tokens are the future of fan engagement. The executive noted that the program could bring fans closer to their favorite teams through dinners with their favorite players or even a stadium tour. He explained that:

“Fan Tokens allow sports fans to feel more connected to their favorite sports teams by allowing them access to exclusive offers and a say in team decisions for the club.”

In addition, he also said that their team believes that fan tokens are “the future of fan engagement, where clubs and their fans can feel closer to each other and have a two-way relationship.”

According to Binance, the platform has been very successful in helping various clubs such as Santos, Porto and Lazio interact with thousands of fans on the platform.

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Binance is constantly trying to connect sports with the Web3 space. On June 23, the cryptocurrency exchange partnered with renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo to help him connect with his fans through non-fungible tokens. NFT owners will have exclusive opportunities to communicate and interact with the soccer superstar.

On July 28, Binance also jumped into NFT ticket sales immediately after the fiasco caused by fake tickets in the UEFA Champions League. The crypto exchange has partnered with Società Sportiva Lazio to use NFT tickets for the club’s home matches at the Olympic Stadium.

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