Bitcoin logo imperfection found on original artwork after 12 years

While Satoshi Nakamoto is credited as the anonymous creator of Bitcoin (BTC), what often goes unnoticed is the selfless contributions of community members—miners, developers, designers, hodlers, and investors—who help materialize the original vision. However, one such significant contribution was found to carry an imperfection for more than 12 years, invisible to the naked eye.

On November 12, 2010, contributor bitboy (not affiliated with YouTuber BitBoy Crypto) posted vector files of the iconic Bitcoin logo, which has been widely recognized around the world. While bitcoiners preach “zoom out” during crypto bear markets, zooming in on the original bitcoin logo shows a small orange line from the background fading into a white “₿”.

The information was first revealed by Crypto Twitter contributor @_Bosch_, who then shared the updated Bitcoin logo after removing the sign and improving stylistic proportions. In further investigation, community member @skyler_fs found that one of the curves of the ₿ logo was also not smooth.

Cryptooshala’s investigation of the above allegations confirmed the shortcomings of the original Bitcoin. vectors. The image below shows two places where there are microscopic design issues.

Two flaws were found in the Bitcoin logo 14 years later. Source: Cryptooshala

The revelation does not affect the operation of Bitcoin, and members of the community have not expressed any concerns about this. Even if someone creates new vectors after fixing the deficiencies, it will not be widely accepted unless the community decides otherwise.

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