Celsius bankruptcy judge authorizes the sale of $7.4M worth of Bitmain coupons

Debtors to crypto lender Celsius Network are eligible to sell roughly $7.4 million worth of coupons for mining company Bitmain following a ruling by a bankruptcy judge.

In a Feb. 16 court filing, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn said it was in the “best interests of the Debtors’ property, their creditors and other parties” to allow Celsius debtors to sell their Bitmain coupons. The judge’s ruling does not require the debtors to liquidate the holdings in question, but they would need the approval of a committee of unsecured creditors.

Christopher Ferraro, Acting CEO of Celsius, argued in a Feb. 9 filing, the debtors expected to sell Bitmain coupons for approximately $7.4 million. The coupons allowed interested parties to buy Bitmain mining rigs at a 10% to 30% discount on future purchases, according to the acting CEO.

“While $7.4 million is a significant discount from the almost $37 million face value of Bitmain coupons, Debtors believe that such a price is commensurate with the market and is preferable to Bitmain coupons that expire uselessly and are in the possession of Debtors. Ferraro said in “Based on Debtors’ marketing efforts to sell similar assets, Debtors anticipate that the sale of Bitmain coupons at a significant discount from their face value will be required.”

Celsius Debt Inventory in Bitmain Coupons as of February 9th. Source.

Judge Glenn’s decision came after debtors of the cryptocurrency lending firm submitted a restructuring plan on Feb. 15 in which Celsius chose NovaWulf Digital Management as a sponsor. In the proposed plan, NovaWulf offered a $45 million to $55 million direct cash contribution to the newly restructured company.

Celsius creditor committee proposes to sue Mashinsky and other Celsius executives

Bankruptcy litigation for large firms affected by the 2022 market crash continues in US courts. Cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which is under close scrutiny in bankruptcy court and is also at the center of a criminal case in federal court, recently issued subpoenas to company insiders, including former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

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