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Cherry Network – Empowering Creativity, Freedom, and Decentralization with Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts and User-Friendly Content Creation Tools

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Only with the right technologies, tools, and infrastructure can we unlock the Web3-based decentralized future the world needs. Cherry Network was created exactly for this. Here’s how.

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From centralization to decentralization through blockchain

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The concepts of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and transparent, verifiable transactions secured on the blockchain were revolutionary for many reasons. First, they have raised the bar for delivering large-scale online applications and services. Why should end users be constrained by the rules and restrictions of centralized applications and platforms, rather than participate on an equal footing? Blockchain-based decentralization offers a way around this and helps return power to the user. Second, this “changing of the guard” and elimination of centralized gatekeepers has opened new frontiers of value for innovation and ideas aimed at billions of users around the world who are tired of the restrictions, unlimited influence and one-sided censorship power of centralized technologies. power plants.

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Thanks to these developments, it is no wonder that blockchain-based applications and services have taken the world by storm. We now have successful cryptocurrency and blockchain projects operating in everything from healthcare, finance and entertainment to government, education, transportation and more.

Web2 to Web3

The early days of blockchain happened in Web2dominated by large centralized applications and platforms. Think of the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, YouTube, Facebook, and other centralized platforms that boast billions of users but are controlled by centralized organizations. With the rise of decentralized, user-centric Web3however, things are changing rapidly. We now have decentralized applications and solutions that run on insecure, transparent and censorship-proof smart contracts that connect to decentralized file storage, replacing centralized Web2 applications running on centralized servers.

It’s a monumental paradigm shift that, while slowly happening, is the inevitable finale for Web2 applications and services. Once Web3 reaches critical mass and all the world’s leading brands, applications and services move to decentralized infrastructures, having the right network backbone and the right tools, incentives and support services will be critical to value creation, profitability and success. Sign in to Cherry network

Cherry Network is a first-level blockchain infrastructure that links smart contracts to decentralized file systems. Using the unmistakable “if-else” logic of smart contracts, integrating services built on this logic with decentralized data storage, and creating an ecosystem of secure, transparent, low-cost and high-performance products, services and solutions, Cherry Network is revolutionizing. the very concept of developing decentralized applications based on the blockchain.

Some of the platform’s key features include complete user and developer privacy, decentralized data storage and seamless payment integration, as well as on-chain staking, full EVM compatibility, and zero-knowledge rollups (handling off-chain transactions that are “rolled up” and moved to chain in one transaction, which reduces costs, overload and time). With a throughput of around 20,000 transactions per second, multiple wallet integrations, high-level partnerships, and multiple development activities across the ecosystem, Cherry Network should quickly become a vital component in the Web3 decentralized application landscape.

Development team

Cherry boasts a core team with over a decade of experience in the crypto space. The team is led by Herman Jacobs, CEO of Cherry Labs, an incubator focused exclusively on the Cherry ecosystem, who is responsible for the technical and commercial side of the network.

Partners and projects

Cherry Network has several partnerships with some of the industry’s most renowned investment firms. These include Luben Capital and Shima Capital. Many interesting projects are also being developed on the platform, including Seedling.cmwhich is a fast-growing investment platform for retail investments at the level of venture capital, Cherish.cxa complete content platform for artists and creators that is completely decentralized and free from censorship, and Unigate.financewhich is a decentralized protocol for payments and crypto services.

Cherry and the future

As the world approaches the decentralized future of Web3 for the Internet, we expect to see an influx of projects, talent, and capital into the space. Cherry is positioned as an innovative and visionary crypto project that supports all the key principles of blockchain and decentralization such as transparency, solving real problems and creating value. By avoiding the marketing of meme coins and lunar coins, focusing on value rather than price, and creating tools and solutions that work for everyone, Cherry will be at the forefront of the next technological revolution.

Over the next few days and weeks, Cherry will announce a new high-level partnership, with the network’s main network launching between June 12-14, 2022. Betting will go live in a week, and over the next few weeks, dozens of projects will use Cherry Chain as a host of developer tools and resources built for the ecosystem.

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