Co-founders of StoryCo discuss how blockchain technology can evolve the way IP is franchised

What attracts many creators to the blockchain and Web3 space is the ability to create, own and earn without intermediaries, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been the catalyst for how this has become possible.

In this week’s edition NFT Steezco-hosts Alyssa Exposito and Ray Salmond talk with Justin and J.P. Alanis, co-founders of StoryCo — an open media platform — about the prospects for creators to co-create and franchise intellectual property through their storytelling and the integration of soul-pegged tokens — but how?

Self-creation and fandom trends emerging from Web3

As creators themselves, the Alanis brothers understand the challenges that plague many creators and organizations when it comes to talent, knowledge and resource sharing, compensation and collaboration.

When the brothers were asked how feasible and accessible “create for your own use” models were, the brothers attributed much of StoryCo’s feasibility to blockchain technology due to its verifiability, accessibility, and transparency, while “abstracting a lot of the technology,” Justin said.

As such, it reduces the “fatigue” experienced by creators when first transitioning to Web3, and is instead smooth and “welcoming,” JP said.

JP reiterated that most of the time creators run into trouble moving from a more siled centralized working structure to an open and decentralized one.

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“I think stories are best when they start centrally,” commented JP, explaining how the easiest thing to do is build something and “have some momentum behind an idea” so that it has some “movement.”

Storytelling platform as a public good

The struggle between the need for big industry players in the Web3 ecosystem and ensuring their authenticity is widespread. Regarding the standards and processes that StoryCo has put in place to “do things right,” as Salmond said, Justin commented on the evolving conversations and dialogue within the community and business.

However, Justin stressed that StoryCo’s mission to “legitimize what they do with storytelling” is ultimately based on the belief that the platform can be seen as a “public good”.

Recognizing that there is a tightrope balance between a project and a platform, JP explained that projects are the basis for generating attention and structuring in an audience or community.

“Disco Ball”, StoryCo’s profile project, aims to show a wide audience the possibilities of open media platforms in the field of co-creation, franchising and distribution of intellectual property.

JP described StoryCo projects such as The Disco Ball as being akin to Nintendo, where “a new Mario game followed every console release”. platform — was capable of these emerging technologies.

Listen to part 1 of NFT Steez’s talking to StoryCo on the new Cryptooshala podcast page, or Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Tune. Be sure to tune in next week’s episode to hear Part 2, in which the founders of StoryCo discuss integration with music NFTs and soul-pegged tokens.

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