Co-founders of StoryCo explain how community storytelling can impact franchised IP

In this week’s edition NFT Steezco-hosts Alyssa Exposito and Ray Salmond continue to talk with Justin and JP Alanis, co-founders of StoryCo, an open media platform, about the future of the intellectual property (IP) franchise creator community through collaboration and personal tokens.

Speaking about his experience with musician Tyler the Creator, JP Alanis said that content creation is not limited to one particular creator, but should be open to everyone, including fans.

However, despite the symbiosis between fans and creators, there are still barriers to incentivizing creators and overcoming the bureaucratic nature of centralized institutions to promote these creations. Here’s how StoryCo said it intends to reduce the noise.

StoryCo is the global marketplace for creativity.

When asked if StoryCo is similar to paid platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, Justin acknowledged these comparisons, stating that StoryCo could have network-type components similar to these “hire-to-work” platforms. He described it as “a creative marketplace that taps into existing creative talent.”

Justin explained that StoryCo ultimately aims to be a permission-free, open platform that anyone can jump on, explore, create, and possibly franchise intellectual property with a story or piece of content to “vibrate” with.

“You have to be able to add value in many ways,” Justin said. According to the founders, value is created in multiple ways, such as adding user-generated content, story or funding offers, completing an activation, or even viewing a story.

The best part? It aims to make the entry point to these stories more accessible by seeking to eliminate access controls in these proprietary environments. StoryPass is a free NFT that gives StoryCo insight into the “core” of the community, JP explained.

Integrating personal tokens into storytelling

Soulbound tokens are “non-transferable, non-fungible tokens” that can be used to authenticate and verify someone’s identity, actions, or accomplishments in Web3. StoryCo intends to integrate personal tokens to increase access to collaboration and start creating intellectual property.

The integration of StoryCo tokens is closely related to their first community story, The Disco Ball. StoryPass is a dynamic personal token that tracks participation and consumption by participants in an evolving story.

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Once users unlock achievements with StoryPass, whether consumption or contribution, their StoryPass changes to reflect this. The main value of the integration is that it allows StoryCo to know what best stimulates its community.

Justin explained that StoryCo aims to be in the public domain, which means that it will be owned by “a community of people contributing to the platform.” Fifty percent of the net proceeds from The Disco Ball will go to the general treasury, causing the community to propose and vote for the evolution of the platform, similar to the Nouns DAO Suggestion House.

“This new technology is a new paradigm,” JP said of digital creativity and the participatory revolution. He explained that just as “the Internet was a new paradigm, Web3 is a new paradigm that opens up the possibility for people to contribute.”

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