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CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) | The Win-win Strategy in a Bear Market: Referral Commissions of up to 60%

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After the collapse of LUNA, the cryptocurrency should go through a long bearish period. As BTC and ETH drop for several days, the assets that crypto investors hold in their wallets quickly depreciate. Many cryptocurrency users had no choice but to remain dormant while waiting for the next bull. Meanwhile, veteran investors have already begun to profit from bearish market conditions. For them, a sluggish market is an incredible opportunity because a market down is always much more volatile than an up. Using such market conditions, investors can use various bearish trading strategies to profit. This is especially true in futures trading where investors can profit from declines based on their predictions of future market trends.

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Futures Trading: An Opportunity to Make Money in a Bear Market

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As the cryptocurrency market turns bearish in 2022, futures trading has become even more popular and has attracted many first-time investors. Compared to other types of crypto trading, futures trading is less convenient for beginners as it involves high risks and complex transactions. In recent years, CoinEx, a global crypto exchange, has focused on futures trading products and services. Adhering to the idea of ​​”Easy Cryptocurrency Trading”, the exchange aims to turn complexity into ease of use. With CoinEx Futures, traders benefit from simple trading mechanisms as well as clear web page layouts with a full range of features. In addition, CoinEx also offers futures trading tutorials and makes futures trading easy. Such advantages quickly turned the exchange into a favorite futures trading platform for many newbies. As of now, futures trading volume on CoinEx is up over 700% year-on-year.

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Aiming to be a bridge between all traders and the crypto world, CoinEx aims to create an easy-to-use trading platform. CoinEx Ambassador (a special program for futures) was launched to achieve a grand goal: to introduce futures trading to all investors planning to trade cryptocurrencies.

About CoinEx Ambassador (special program for futures)

CoinEx intends to create a team of CoinEx representatives (a special Futures program) who share the same views and values ​​regarding cryptocurrency trading. They recognize CoinEx products and services and can help more people invest in cutting-edge cryptocurrencies with easy-to-use CoinEx futures.

Earn referral commissions up to 60% through mutually beneficial cooperation

Join the Ambassador of CoinEx (a special program for futures) now to profit from futures trading while earning up to 60% trading fees, ensuring win-win results in a bear market.

Ambassadors of CoinEx (a special program for futures) will receive commissions up to 60% of the trading fees paid by referred users who have registered a CoinEx account and started trading futures through their referral link.

I. Duration

July 21, 2022 to October 21, 2022

II. Suitable candidates

Individuals with over 3,000 followers on a social media platform, community leaders managing a social media group of over 500 members, platforms, institutions, etc.

III. Advantages

  • 60% referral commissions are valid for three months from the date of application approval;
  • Trial Futures Fund + Free CoinEx Commodities;
  • Holiday gifts;
  • Invite your friends to join the program and earn a commission equal to 5% of the rewards earned by the referred CoinEx Ambassadors (a special program for futures).

IV. Application Process:

  • Open the official CoinEx website ( and register;
  • Go to the ambassador web page (, then enter the referral code “futures”, click [Apply Now]and fill out the application form.
  • Once your application has been approved, you will receive a welcome email from CoinEx;
  • Go to the CoinEx website (, Press [Referral Rewards] below [Account]and then copy their referral link or code;
  • From July 25 to October 25, 2022, you will earn a commission equal to 60% of the futures trading fees paid by referred users if they register with your referral link or code and start trading futures on CoinEx.

Join the program now to become a cryptocurrency advocate. As an ambassador for CoinEx (a special program for futures), you can not only make big profits in a bear market, but also help newbies by sharing your benefits and experience. Together, CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) and CoinEx will promote the development of cryptocurrency and the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, allowing more users in need to benefit from futures trading, providing mutually beneficial results.

Over the years, CoinEx, a cryptocurrency pioneer, has continued to improve its products and strive to turn complexity into ease of use to serve investors around the world. In the future, the exchange will continue to strive for ease of use in terms of product development, token listing, and customer service to help more users experience the joys of crypto investment.

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