Cointelegraph Top 100, 2023 edition: The toughest one yet to pick

Much hinges on 2023 after such an eventful year for the crypto industry, and we look forward to confirmation for the entire space. January may have given us a glimmer of hope, but as of late, with Kraken staking services and Paxos-issued Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin being defeated by ever-unpredictable regulators, the crypto space seems to be showing its place and we are reminded that the worst could not end, even if we want it to.

But we have a few things waiting for us. We believe in decentralization, which has never let us down, and we have hope; hope that the global economy will eventually recover. With Bitcoin (BTC) halving, we look forward to discovering new heroes and champions who will take this dynamic space to new heights.


And that’s the thing about this year’s Cryptooshala Top 100 list. The editors tried to highlight those who have had or will have a noticeable impact on the industry; in some cases it can be both. The list represents a little of everything. Members of our editorial team have been a big influence on those who have been included, and we have even opened the community voting list through a separate landing page. Among all the bots that tried to skew the results, there were some really great suggestions that we reviewed. Thank you!

The Top 10 Cryptooshala on Blockchain Are Here, But Who Should Care?

We thought it was important to mention good and bad contributions, hence the whole story of crypto heroes and villains. Yes, it hurts, and some horror stories have come from the downfall of Terra and FTX, among others. But as an industry, these failures allow us to learn and reevaluate our approach to growth and defend what we believe in. It is unlikely that any development of outstanding technology goes without a hitch. We have tried to openly come to terms with these failures and show how we can continue our journey towards the global adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies.

Another issue of great importance to the wonderful visual department here at Cryptooshala was to make sure that this edition will not be like any other that has come before. As usual, a new theme was chosen for the individual profile images, but this time the team decided to take it a step further and spend countless hours creating dynamic profile backgrounds. Given the recent boom in artificial intelligence (AI) and its apparent potential to change the creation process, having dynamic images has been our way of saying that people can still do it better, at least for now.

Speaking of AI, have you seen the Top 100 profile written by ChatGPT on what impact AI will have in 2023? And as a bonus, there was another profile written by an AI tool. Can you guess which one? Check out our Twitter Later. We will show the results there.

We’re approaching the top third of the list, and there’s exactly one week left before it’s fully revealed, and soon everyone will know who took first place. Stay tuned.

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