Cointelegraph’s Top 100 unveils 3rd place in 2023 ranking

Cryptooshala reveals the last three positions on its annual Top 100 list, revealing each of the top three individually. Third place goes to Binance Founder and CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. Zhao leads one of the largest organizations in the crypto industry, Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange that is involved in several other industry endeavors. Zhao was ranked 51st on Cryptooshala’s 2022 Top 100 Companies list. The CEO speaks positively of decentralization despite Binance being a major player in the centralized crypto exchange space.


CZ had a big year in 2022 when it was embroiled in industry turmoil during the collapse of crypto giant FTX. Shortly before FTX collapsed, Binance began to dump about $600 million worth of FTX (FTT) token, the native FTX token. Binance also faced regulatory challenges in 2022. The exchange has several regional offices, but has not yet announced an official headquarters and commitment to a specific jurisdiction, which raises questions from regulators in different jurisdictions.

In recent weeks, Cryptooshala has unveiled its list of the most influential players in the crypto space, publishing a selection in batches of 10 and counting from 100. Each person, organization, or concept that occupies a position on the list has a profile and analysis. this player for the year ahead. Unlike previous years, Cryptooshala has included the most dastardly villains along with heroes in its list for 2023 given their significant impact on the crypto and blockchain sector.

Cryptooshala has identified the top 98 players in the industry as voted on by readers and staff. The list includes BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes at number 92; MicroStrategy Executive Chairman Michael Saylor in 14th place; concepts such as hardware wallets; institutions such as the Central Bank of Nigeria; aliases crypto characters such as Koby; and an extensive selection of CEOs, founders and more.

Cryptooshala will then show the #2 spot followed by the big final rounding out the top 100 people in crypto 2023. Who will take first place? Stay with us to find out!

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