Collective Finance to Launch Its Public Token Sale on Binance Smart Chain

Participation in the public sale is through the Collective Finance DApp and by navigating to the Presale tab.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Collective Finance has announced plans to launch a public sale of $CLF, its native token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. As implied in a press release shared with Coinspeaker, the public token sale can be accessed with a 10% discount, which generally sets a lower barrier to greater community participation.

Collective Finance Protocol was designed as an innovative organization that approaches investing in multifaceted, yield-generating opportunities to provide broad exposure to digitized commodity representation. While it seeks to carve a niche for itself in today’s fast-growing DeFi world, Collective Finance is optimistic that the token sale will help it fast-track its growth across the board.

Thus far since its inception, Collective Finance said it has raised a total of $500,000 and the public sale is an opportunity to provide access to more people as it seeks to bring its products to life. The minimum investment to participate in the public sale is $50 and the limit is set at $500,000.

a presley with a difference

In accordance with the protocol, its CLF token sale has a significant difference from many in the crypto ecosystem, given that a liquidity token that can be used to participate in governance activities is also being circulated alongside the main token. Will go Dubbed BTCB, the Liquidity Token is designed to empower its holders to tap into the collective finance platform’s prime wealth.

“DeFi, despite massive developments over the past few years, still lags traditional finance in many respects. In traditional finance, participants can hold and receive investments in commodities such as gold, silver, and oil, But there are heavy restrictions, high fees and limited ways to generate additional passive revenue from such investments,” said Collective Finance Kripzom-Zachary, adding that;

“Collective Finance is here to deliver on that front by launching C-Token, which represents a tradable, asset-backed, ultra-collateralized commodity with direct yield-earning potential. We look forward to expanding our suite of products and services and can help get the ball rolling by providing the broadest access and inclusion of our robust DeFi tools so that we can unlock multi-layered, yield-generating opportunities and bring digitized commodity representation to as many people as possible.”

Collective finance to provide additional incentives

Collective Finance said that in addition to getting access to Liquidity Tokens for free, participants of the public token sale will also have the opportunity to create limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

To participate in the NFT minting offer, users must deposit $1,000 or more in the presale and lock their positions within the Collective Finance lock-staking platform in any available tier within seven days. As per the announcement, investors are entitled to 1 limited edition NFT locked per $1000.

Participation in the public sale is through the Collective Finance DApp and by navigating to the Presale tab. The CLF and BTCB tokens will be airdropped after the project is fully launched in April.

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