Comodo Progress Report | Q4 2022

Stay informed and dive into our Q4 2022 recap from Comodo’s tech/development, marketing and business development teams. We are on a mission to connect and bridge all blockchain protocols. Follow our progress and join us as we develop cutting edge DEX technology.

Atomicdex Web Released

We’ve reached a major milestone: AtomicDEX is now available as a web application. AtomicDEX is the first native P2P DEX in the web crypto market that works in a web browser. It is accessible on any web browser, device or OS.

Product UpdatesAtomicDex Web (Alpha)

We have finally released the much awaited web version of AtomicDex. A lot of work and love has gone into its development, and we are already working on the next patch with new features:

Improvements to Fiat Gateway SupportHD Wallet SupportLayout

In 2023, we plan to collect more feedback from users to plan for the next iterations of this product.

AtomicDEX Web now supports over 500 crypto assets across dozens of protocols. The web app can be accessed through any web browser or any device. We took care while designing the UI layout keeping in mind desktop, tablet and mobile users.

Read the full announcement at the Atomicdex web launch:

AtomicDEX Web AtomicDEX API on a mobile browser

The features we develop for the AtomicDEX API will pave the way for more advanced GUI features in the future. Here’s what we worked on during Q4:

AtomicSwap moved from a proof-of-concept on the Lightning protocol to a more solid phase on the atomicdex API protocol side. In 2023, we will start integrating the Lightning Protocol into our GUI. The Tendermint/Cosmos integration has been maturing since our original announcement in the third quarter. This means that the AtomicDEX API — and later all three GUIs — will natively support cross-chain trading between assets in the Cosmos ecosystem and many other assets in other blockchain ecosystems. The Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) account feature is now complete. Once the feature is implemented at the GUI level, you will be able to generate an infinite amount of new deposit addresses for each coin you own in a wallet. We are working on swap watchers functionality, which will enhance protocol security for merchants. Swap watchers act to complete the swap or refund if one or both parties go offline for too long. This is done in a non-custodial manner, and funds are still governed by HTLCs that can only be issued to the address of the maker or taker, and only after specific conditions are met, such as online and / or a timeout. We worked on the integration of MetaMask. The proof of concept for the AtomicDEX API is ready. This integration will allow users to login with MetaMask wallet and send/receive/trade crypto assets on AtomicDEX.AtomicDEX Mobile.

In December, we released AtomicDex Mobile v0.6.0. This release marked a major milestone for two reasons.

First, Google Play has approved AtomicDEX Mobile for a global public listing. Android users around the world can now easily find AtomicDEX Mobile. Second, AtomicDEX Mobile integrates dozens of new protocols and adds support for hundreds of assets. Starting with the AtomicDEX Mobile v0.6.0 release, all crypto assets are synced simultaneously with AtomicDEX Desktop. This means you can seamlessly hold, bridge and trade the same crypto assets on both GUIs.AtomicDEX Desktop

In November, we released AtomicDEX Desktop v0.5.7, which added 47 new asset listings and two blockchain protocol integrations.

Pirate Chain (ARRR) Integration – After Successfully Performed First KMD/ARRR DEX trade In 2021, our development team made several improvements to the ARRRtomic swap technology. Now secure cross-chain P2P atomic swaps directly on the Atomicdex desktop! This technique is named ‘ARRRtomic swaps’ in honor of the Pirate Chain (ARRR). Our team will work to integrate ARRRtomic Swap into AtomicDEX Web and AtomicDEX Mobile in 2023. Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) Integration – In 2021, our team successfully raised funds in the AtomicDEX SLP Flipstarter campaign. Thanks to the generous support of the Bitcoin Cash community, AtomicDEX is now the first cross-chain/protocol decentralized exchange to adopt the SLP token standard. SLP support is available on AtomicDEX Desktop, AtomicDEX Web, and AtomicDEX Mobile (as of the v0.6.0 release).AtomicDex Desktop v0.5.7AtomicDEX Desktop v0.5.7 is live. Comodo Core

The Komodo core development team is hard at work porting Zebra – a Zcash node written in Rust – to the Komodo blockchain consensus rules.

Zebra (offers many advantages over the original Zcash node, including better performance, better security, better governance, runtime security, and specification security,

Most of the consensus rules are already in place on the Komodo blockchain, and we plan to complete this work in the first half of 2023. Porting Zebra to Komodo is an important step in ensuring that Komodo Network remains a technology leader in blockchain. space.

AtomicDEX web launch campaign

We looked at key messages on atomic swaps, cross-chain, interoperability, p2p and security in our media announcements to further our goal of making Komodo and AtomicDEX synonymous.


Through the launch of AtomicDEX Web, we gained several thousand new users. Here are some highlights from our two-week Marketing Sprint.

– 7,800 Binance Live AMA views

– 450+ Comodo YouTube AMA Views

– 650+ new Twitter followers

– 2,000+ users have tested AtomicDEX Web

PR Coverage AtomicDex web launch news received coverage from 47 online publications. Sites sharing the news included CoinDesk, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider. It was translated into several languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Farsi and Slovenian. Swap Giveaway We ran an Atomicdex web swap campaign on Twitter. Users followed AtomicDEX, retweeted our announcement tweet, and swapped RICK/MORTY TestCoin on the AtomicDEX web. 50 lucky winners received $20 in $KMD. Secret Santa Together with Navcoin, we ran a Secret Santa campaign in which users participated in quizzes, drew images, and guessed riddles. The winners shared a total prize pool of over $500, which includes $231 $KMD. Community Events YouTube AMA

We invited the community to ask questions prior to the live stream and during the livestream on the Comodo YouTube channel. There was also a quiz to test users’ knowledge of Komodo and AtomicDex. Overall, the participants shared a prize of $3,000 in $KMD.

Binance Live AMA

CTO Kadan Stadelmann and COO Tony Lysakov also participated in the Binance Live AMA, which has 7,800+ views. The two of them answered several questions about AtomicDex. The AMA participants shared a prize pool of $5,000 in $KMD.

Binance Live - AtomicDEX Web LaunchDiscussion on AtomicDEX web launch on Binance Live AMA Discord Hangout

We hosted a casual discussion on Komodo Discord. COO Tony Lysakov and Chief Community Officer Audo Kowitz talk about Atomicdex Web and our project roadmap/vision.

AtomicDEX Web Launch - Discord HangoutDiscord Hangouts Team Interviews and Articles on AtomicDex Talking WebGet more updates

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