An eight-day hackathon has officially kicked off in Asia, giving talented participants the chance to discover exciting new career opportunities.

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Morpheus Laboratories says the competition coincides with Singapore Blockchain Week and its partners have played a critical role in making the event a success.

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The company says it has carefully designed the Web3 ecosystem, which allows gamers across industries, both large and small, to connect and collaborate.

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Numen Cyber ​​and ChainUp are among the partners of Morpheus Labs – both looking to learn more about the latest trends in Web3, promote their offerings, and find new ways to work with businesses in the sector.

ChainUp Group CMO Geoff May told Cryptooshala, “Web3 is undeniably the future of digital, and this hackathon provides us with a timely opportunity to find inventive solutions to real business challenges and uncover new talent to grow with us.”

He added that continuous innovation “has always been an important part of ChainUp’s core DNA” as the company remains committed to further research and implementation of unique technologies that drive blockchain adoption. Considering how fast this industry is growing, this kind of mentality is nothing short of crucial.

Numen Cyber, which boasts a team of threat analysts, ethical hackers and security researchers, says it looks forward to seeing how Web3 technology evolves across the continent and is ready to ensure that cutting-edge ideas conceived during the hackathon are implemented. in life. safe way.

Lots to look forward to

Morpheus Labs says they are thrilled to have the support of so many outstanding sponsors – hundreds of people signed up for the hackathon in a short amount of time.

Looking ahead, we intend to continue building the Web3 ecosystem and host an even bigger event with more partners within 12 months. Target? To further shape the Web3 landscape in the APAC region.

As Cryptooshala previously reported, the hackathon’s top prize includes cash, Huawei cloud credits, and a laptop.

Participants were given just four days to start chatting and brainstorming to decide what they wanted to build and then submit a demo video that convincingly illustrates their concept in action. Judging will take place on July 26 and 27, followed by an awards ceremony on July 28.

More information from morpheus labs here

Open to everyone

Pei-Khan, CEO of Morpheus Labs, told Cryptooshala that the hackathon was designed to attract both beginners and professional blockchain developers, as well as those who may not have previous experience with the technology.

It has been called “the premier event for blockchain developers” with over 1,000 attendees. Industry experts are also ready to share their views through a series of educational courses to help you better understand where the market is currently heading.

The hackathon participants were asked to focus their efforts on creating solutions that meet the 17 UN Social Development Goals. They include the eradication of poverty, the promotion of good health and quality education, and the defense of clean energy and equity.

It will be interesting to see who emerges victorious from this competition—and how fresh insights into what Web3 should look like will ultimately shape the sector in the coming months and years. Crypto winter is for construction and Morpheus Labs firmly believes that this is a very exciting time to work in this space.

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