To understand how technology is being implemented, users are encouraged to look back at history. Looking back at the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s, two factors led to the world becoming digital. First, it is the ability of users to understand the problems that the Internet can solve, and secondly, the ease with which the mass market felt that their transition from the old to the new was supported. Thanks to these two factors, the world has seen how the Internet has evolved from a promising opportunity into the backbone of modern society and business.

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In many ways, blockchain has shown much in common with the path of the Internet. As the technology is only in the early stages of this process, many are seeing the birth and development of ancillary infrastructure that simplifies the process of digital currency transactions as well as expanding the available use cases, which is a stepping stone to what is to come.

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The growth of the market is currently being reflected in platforms such as, which have proven to exhibit both of these attributes while continuing to support blockchain adoption. originally started as a trading platform for users to trade safely. Fast forward nine years, the exchange now offers over 1,400 cryptocurrencies and exceeds $10 billion in daily trading volume for 10 million users worldwide.

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Since its inception, the platform has shown significant maturity based on exchange functionality alone. Since the team already has a comprehensive proposal in place, it’s no wonder the focus is shifting to further building’s environmental map. Together, these integrations have resulted in a comprehensive offering (ecosystem) of digital assets that provides users with a richer experience and more options than many other platforms today.

Expanding its functionality horizontally, we see that’s focus is shifting horizontally to cover their other products based on GateChain. GateChain exists as a blockchain designed to finance security and decentralized exchange, serving as the foundation for a complete decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Here, users can explore DeFi and experience products including GateToken (GT), HipoDeFi, Ventures, Labs, Grants, and the NFT Magic Box, among others.

Ecosystem ready for maturity

GT is a tradeable currency exclusively for the platform and is the GateChain public network native token, the basis for the rest of the ecosystem products.

Looking at some of the products HypoDefi has become known as a one-stop-shop for all DeFi user needs. The platform aggregates real-time data on each DeFi project, allowing users to compare exchange radios, interest rates, and loans as a gateway to new investment opportunities that can be accessed through a fast and user-friendly interface. Replicating traditional finance use cases, HipoDeFi supports popular deposit and lending projects, asset management, and a project calendar to help users keep track of upcoming projects in real time. meets with Gate Ventures, a venture capital arm that focuses on investing in decentralized infrastructure, ecosystems and applications to redefine social and financial interactions on the investment front. For long-term investors, has provided support for product development, scaling and continuous growth of these companies. To further support new project ideas, Gate Grants are also available as free R&D funds ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 to support each creative idea and project.

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By joining the Magic Box NFT combined with the GateChain protocol, users get a high performance trading platform. It provides NFT creators with the opportunity to gain maximum publicity in addition to the copyright incentive.

Nine years and counting

As users find secure and stable products that replicate traditional finance use cases, there is only time before mass adoption. The platform has proven this growth by announcing its ninth anniversary, with features such as the official Lite App, Widget and GameFi.

Together, ecosystems like this are said to continue to provide users with the transition from digital to decentralized.

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