Ethereum’s Shepela upgrade moves closer to launch

Ethereum continues to make steady progress with its highly anticipated Shepela upgrade, according to an announcement from the Ethereum Foundation. The Shepela transition has entered the final pre-release stage of the Zhejiang testnet and is now imminent. The Shepela upgrade is a combination of the Shanghai and Capella upgrades and will bring a number of improvements to the network, including the ability for validators to perform full and partial withdrawals.

Shepela Upgrade Brings Evacuation to the Network

One of the key features of the Shepela upgrade is the ability for validators to make full and partial withdrawals. Validators with 0x01 execution layer withdrawal credentials will be able to participate in full withdrawals, while validators with an active balance of more than 32 ETH will be able to perform partial withdrawals. The Shepela upgrade will also enhance the Beacon Chain consensus layer, which is particularly useful for Ethereum stakers interested in understanding the withdrawal process.

China’s Zhejiang Test Network Leads

The Shepela upgrade is currently being tested on the Zhejiang testnet, which was launched on February 1st. This is the first of three testnets simulating the Shanghai upgrade, which is expected to go live in March. The Spolia testnet is scheduled for an upgrade on February 28th, followed by the Goerly testnet. The Ethereum team encourages all Ethereum stakeholders, node operators, infrastructure providers, and others to accelerate the Shepela upgrade, test their software, and keep an eye out for upcoming upgrades.

Ethereum’s roadmap full of upgrades

Ethereum’s roadmap is filled with a series of upcoming upgrades, including Surge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge. In September 2022, Ethereum transitioned to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus, which could bring it to the attention of regulators. However, Joseph Rubin, co-founder of Ethereum, recently expressed his belief that Ether will not be classified as a security in the United States.

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