European clients can now trade the ETH/EUR pair on BitFlyer

Benefit from zero-fee pricing on one of the world’s most stable and secure crypto trading platforms.

Luxembourg, November 9, 2022 —

BitFlyer, one of the world’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, continues to expand its global footprint as it rolls out its Ethereum to Euro (ETH/EUR) pair for traders based in Europe. The announcement highlights BitFlyer’s commitment to expanding its product suite while playing to the firm’s core strengths – providing industry-leading liquidity and heavily discounted fees to its sophisticated crypto trading community.

As Japan’s No. 1 cryptocurrency exchange for five consecutive years, bitFlyer’s strong order flow, global presence and strong footprint in the Asian market position our clients to be uniquely positioned to capitalize on optimal bids or prices (depending on market trends) Let’s keep

The ETH/EUR pairing gives institutional and retail clients of BitFlyer Europe SA the opportunity to tap into one of the largest and most diverse liquidity pools in the industry, while trading on a secure, licensed and regulated exchange in Europe. In September 2022, BitFlyer introduced an ETH/BTC cross-border trading pair, and saw much success with the launch of its zero-fee campaign, extending this pricing program until the end of the year as well as offering zero-fee decided to do. The trades for this new pair start from 14th November.

At BitFlyer, institutional and retail customers benefit from:

An exchange with a track record of stability and security Cold wallet storage for clients’ assets Global support for handling our VIP client queries

“The launch of our ETH/EUR board follows our long-standing pledge to increase the number of trading pairs for our European institutional clients. BitFlyer continues to offer zero-fee trading for the ETH/EUR pair, which is our limited time option. is complemented without fees. The ETH/BTC board that has been in place since September. Unlocking the liquidity needed to support Ethereum trades denominated in EUR represents a historic milestone for our company,” Ami Nagata, BitFlyer Europe Said co-head and chief operating officer of SA

BitFlyer is expanding equal access to digital assets globally – reducing inefficiencies in the cryptocurrency markets – while fully complying with all EU regulations. As the first exchange to be collectively licensed in Japan, Europe and the United States, bitFlyer has been unmatched in shaping the industry’s dynamic regulatory framework.

About BitFlyer Europe SA

bitFlyer EUROPE SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of bitFlyer Holdings – a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan – is a regulated entity with a Payment Institution License from the CSSF, passported to all EU member states. BitFlyer Europe SA also holds the first VASP registration in Luxembourg.



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