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Gala Games strikes partnership with Fortnite creator Epic Games amid Valve ban on blockchain games

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Blockchain gaming platform Gala Games (GALA) and Epic Games have entered into to deal with publish Gala tiles to the Epic Games Store.

Gala Games will introduce the masses to Web3

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Epic Games Store launched in 2018 and is a game store compatible with PC and Mac.

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The publishing deal will allow more than 194 million users on the Epic Games Store, which differentiates it from competing gaming token platforms.

“Gala will bring Web3 games to the masses, introducing millions of gamers to this new genre of entertainment and cementing Gala’s position as a leader in the growing Web3 games industry.”

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Gala Games President John Oswald said the partnership with Epic Games would make blockchain gaming more legitimate. He also added that the deal marks a “turning point” for players unfamiliar with the concept of digital ownership, i.e. NFT games.

“Easy access to Web3 games is a game changer for gamers who haven’t yet seen how digital savvy can enrich the gaming experience.”

Recently, NFT gaming has been heavily criticized, with gamers calling the concept a money grab to squeeze every dollar out of people. Moreover, supporters of this point of view say that the monetization of games removes elements of fun and escapism.

GRIT will be the first release on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games is best known for publishing the popular battle royale game Fortnite. At its peak, in December 2020, the game 15.3 million concurrent users for the season 5 chapter 2 finale.

The situation has deteriorated significantly since then, with estimates of the current number of concurrent users at around 3 million at any given time.

However, despite the drop in numbers, Fortnite is still number one in the world. most played game active monthly users, surpassing Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Hoping to emulate this popularity, Gala Games’ GRIT will be the first game on the Epic Games Store. Like Fortnite, GRIT is a battle royale game set in the Wild West.

Screenshot of GRIT by Gala Games
Source: excerpt. game

GALA jumped 9.6% after the news before dropping to $0.07764 at press time. The recent crypto downturn has hit GALA hard, with the value of the token down 52% since early May.

gala hourly schedule
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Blockchain and NFT games banned on Epic competitor Steam

Steam by Valve, Epic’s main competitor in the PC gaming market, as well as the largest game store, is not permit any blockchain or NFT games on its marketplace in accordance with Valve’s publisher policies.

Valve co-founder and president Gabe Newell said in a February interview with Eurogamer that blockchain is a great technology, but noted that the way it’s currently being used has been “pretty sketchy” and “you kind of want to stay away from it.”

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