GamaX: Learn & Earn & Airdrop

What is GAMAX?

It is also an orderbook-based perpetual DEX, which uses StarkEX technology. StarkWare, KyberVentures are among the investors, and the current status is closed beta.

The token has been confirmed, and the airdrop has already been announced: In addition, they have introduced a point-based system (a pre-opening for the community) to learn the basics of trading, get familiar with Gamax, and earn points. token program).

Most of them will look simple if you’re familiar with DeFi and dex, and don’t be intimidated by the timings mentioned in the preview: videos usually last a few minutes.

You can get more points if you use referrals:

Olympio released a formula on January that explained how to earn up to 3000 points. I’ve completed all the quizzes (a very quick thing) and I’m currently at 4000 as more quizzes are released.

In their dashboard, you can view rankings, upcoming tasks and information, as well as apply for the testnet.

They are giving away testnet spots during the community call, if you’re interested in it. The last one is today, as per their discord. Stay updated, try to join and get one. You will then receive an email with an invitation.

Once whitelisted on their testnet, you can place buy and sell market orders, place limit/stop positions and trade with leverage.


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