Here’s a list of countries that love the metaverse the most

A recent analysis of over a million tweets revealed a list of countries that love and hate the metaverse, with Vietnam showing the most love for the concept and Ireland leading the opposite side of the spectrum.

Crypto data website CoinKickoff analyzed 1.6 million tweets from around the world to determine which countries are in favor of the metaverse concept and which are against it. results showed that Vietnam topped the approval list, with 56.8% of metaverse tweets originating from the Southeast Asian country being positive.

The countries of East Asia were generally positive about this concept. In addition to Vietnam, the Philippines, Ukraine, Nigeria and Indonesia are also among the countries supporting the Metaverse.

List of countries for and against the metaverse. Source: CoinKickoff

Meanwhile, Ireland topped the list of countries with the most anti-Metaverse tweets. The data showed that 14.4% of metaverse-related tweets from a European country were negative towards the concept.

The Western countries were the ones that resisted the metaverse the most. Outside of Ireland, Denmark, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada had the most negative metaverse tweets.

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Meanwhile, use cases for the metaverse continue to evolve over time. In a recent interview, Jennifer Roberts, partner at Woodstock Ventures, told Cryptooshala how the Woodstock music festival is using the metaverse to reinvent its future and preserve its legacy. Roberts described the metaverse as a “democratizing experience” and a place where people celebrate what they believe in.

Nokia, a brand many remember from mobile devices, has also plunged into the metaverse to connect remote breweries and aircraft technicians. Nokia Oceania CTO Robert Joyce recently told Cryptooshala that Nokia is collaboratively experimenting with using the metaverse in a variety of ways.

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