U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner (SEC) Hester Pierce said the SEC agency’s recently released list of rules is full of “hot” topics implemented in unreasonable haste while cryptocurrencies were ignored.

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Commissioner Pierce, sometimes referred to as the Crypto Mom for her strong positive views on cryptocurrencies, came out SEC Spring 2022 Regulatory Program Statement and List of SEC Rules for Agencies.

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While there were no entries on the SEC list that explicitly mentioned cryptocurrencies, Paris noted that one of the proposed rules, Amendments to Rule 3b-16 of the Exchange Act, “may regulate crypto protocols or platforms through an unmarked backdoor.”

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She went on to name four areas related to cryptography where “regulatory clarity would be appreciated.” These include the definition of securities and issues related to custody, including the controversial Bulletin 121 on agency staff accounting.

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Pierce also criticized the agency’s agenda, stating that the SEC set “the wrong goals and the wrong method to achieve them”, saying the agency focused on “hot issues beyond our purview” such as diversity, climate change and human capital. control.

The agenda also reflects “a push for radical rule-making,” Pierce said, with short comment periods and market participants forced to apply multiple rules at the same time.

“The agenda, if adopted, risks launching a regulatory version of the reverse current — fast-moving currents escaping the shore that can be fatal to swimmers. […] The pace and nature of rule-making on this agenda creates a dangerous environment in our capital markets.”

Pierce is often the only dissenting voice on the SEC board, especially when it comes to crypto. She criticized the agency for “enforcement leadership” and failure to provide regulatory guidance to the industry.