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The Tron network is renowned for its superior transaction processing capabilities. This is the reason why it is heavily used on a daily basis. For example, Tron handles millions of dollars worth of the USDT stablecoin in just 24 hours. Nevertheless, the Tron project has its own native token, TRX, in addition to serving as an efficient platform for transferring a variety of assets. TRX coin has found a place in the wallets of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The impressive scale of the TRX market opens up a whole host of new opportunities for businesses focused on maximizing their profits. NowPayments gives merchants the opportunity to gain the upper hand in their industries by accepting Tron Coin payments using recurring invoices.

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Tron enables crypto businesses to make huge profits by reducing their expenses. TRX transactions are limitless and chargeback-free. NowPayments is a TRON payment gateway that lets businesses accept recurring TRX payments. What is Tron crypto?

Tron wants to be a foundation for the Web3 Internet, where every service is decentralized and there are no monstrous players like Facebook with unlimited power in their hands. To achieve this, Tron provides users with an advanced blockchain infrastructure that works like a charm. Tron’s well-coordinated network powers thousands of smart contracts and hundreds of decentralized applications, handling millions of transactions. The efficiency of the Tron blockchain is truly astonishing, as it manages to host all of these activities without compromising on fees or speed. It costs almost nothing to send a transaction using Tron. What’s more, Tron transactions are processed in seconds, as the network maintains a throughput of 2000 transactions per second.

Tronix is ​​the native token of Tron, yet most users are familiar with its ticker symbol TRX. Tronix does what any regular utility token does. TRX is needed to pay network fees when you transact on Tron. It is also used by validators, who stake it and receive rewards for contributing to the security of the network. The coin also serves as a governance token, allowing its holders to vote on various proposals related to the Tron blockchain. TRX has been a deflationary coin since 2021, which means that its supply is continuously decreasing. Nevertheless, apart from serving as network fuel, TRX can also be successfully used for payment purposes.

What are the benefits of recurring invoices paid in TRX? Transactions are done in seconds
Transactions are done in seconds

As already mentioned, TRX transactions are very fast. In fact, they take between 3 and 5 seconds, which is comparable to the performance demonstrated by the largest payment processing networks such as Visa and Mastercard.

The speed of TRX payments can become a secret weapon for businesses looking for ways to supercharge their payment processing. Quick payments also mean a seamless customer experience. NowPayments provides tools to accept TRX, which does not slow down transactions. This is because NowPayments offers instant payments, which means you can expect the payment to reach your wallet within minutes. Basically, there are no delays or slowdowns, allowing you to always easily access your funds when you need them.

seamless cross border payments
seamless cross border payments

The decentralization of the Tron blockchain makes it a truly borderless system. In other words, there are no restrictions that can limit users’ ability to move their assets around the world. To send TRX payments, all you need is an internet connection.

As a result, TRX can act as a truly international payment method. This is especially relevant for businesses that want to access foreign markets, expand their operations, and establish a global presence. NowPayments also does not limit the geographic scope of TRX, enabling businesses to accept payments from anywhere in the world with internet access. Thus, you will not need to use dozens of bank accounts in different countries. Thanks to TRX, you can manage all payments using just one NowPayments account.


The Tron network is not permissioned, so no one can be denied the right to use it. Furthermore, the network does not require users to share their personal information, providing them with an anonymous service. Businesses can use this to their advantage by introducing TRX as a private payment method.

This will significantly streamline the payment process for your customers, as they will not need to go through lengthy verification processes of any kind. NowPayments also maintains your privacy. Specifically, to start using NowPayments you will only need to register a personal account by providing your email and payout address. Hence, there is no KYC.

free to install
free to install

To accept payments on the Tron network, you do not need to pay any fees. All expenses will be borne by your customers, as they will be the ones initiating the payment transaction. Basically, you just need to generate your payout address, which is also free, and you’re good to go.

Similarly, NowPayments does not charge you any fee for deploying its payment tools. In other words, you can offer your customers the option to pay with TRX without spending a single penny.

refund free
refund free

Tron network can protect you from chargeback fraud. This is because TRX transactions are irreversible, meaning they cannot be changed or undone in any way. This is because there is no central authority capable of interfering with users’ transactions. Using TRX payment helps you keep your money safe.

NowPayments also does not offer refunds of any kind. This means that only you have the ability to provide chargebacks. You can always use NowPayments’ mass payment tool to send chargeback payouts in TRX, allowing you to send money efficiently to your customers and employees.

nominal fee
nominal fee

There are no heavy fees for TRX transactions. In many cases, Tron fees are much lower than those charged by banks. It costs an average of $0.000005 to send a transaction on the Tron network. This is why TRX can be a powerful way for you to keep more of your income.

When using NowPayments, you will only need to pay a fee of 0.5% per payment, which is quite negligible considering TRX transaction fees. Thus, TRX can actually help you earn more.

How to accept recurring invoices in Tron?

Companies have the ability to generate and automatically deliver invoices denominated in TRX to their customers with the Recurring Invoicing Tool. The solution offers businesses a number of benefits, including the availability of over 150 cryptocurrencies to choose from as payment methods, not just Tron Coin. NowPayments is a secure, non-custodial service that provides instant payments to its users. However, you have the option of enabling custodial features to safely store your funds and withdraw larger amounts later.

Here’s how you can set up recurring invoices with NowPayments:

Create a NoPayments account.
How to accept recurring invoices in Tron?
Provide your Tron payout address.
How to accept recurring invoices in Tron?
Use the Recurring Invoices API (read detailed instructions). Set up a recurring payment plan. Your customers will receive the payment invoice at a specified time. conclusion

The Tron Network is an efficient solution to reduce transaction fees, increase payment processing speed, and streamline the shopping experience for its customers. NowPayments allows companies to easily start accepting Tron Coin payments.

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