How to create NFTs on the Cardano blockchain

Cardano is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) platform launched in September 2017 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. In September 2021, Cardano added support for smart contracts, paving the way for decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) application development. NFTs appeared on the Cardano blockchain in 2022, and Cardano’s own ADA (ADA) cryptocurrency was used to buy and sell them.

The deployment of smart contracts on Cardano has enabled the creation of NFT marketplaces, including CNFT.IO and These marketplaces facilitate NFT projects on Cardano in a cost-effective and scalable way, attracting many enthusiasts who are looking for a user-friendly platform for creators and traders with low transaction fees.

How to mint Cardano NFT?

Minting and collection building is no longer a daunting hurdle for non-tech NFT enthusiasts, as minting on Cardano is similar to working on Ethereum or Solana. The platform offers a lot of help with recommendations to guide creators through the process.

An original NFT can be anything from a single piece of art to a collection of unique items such as the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks collectibles built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Once the artwork is created, it is then minted in NFT. The next steps are to find the right NFT issuing platform and the right marketplace to sell it.

Here is how to create an NFT on the Cardano blockchain:

  • Set up a wallet; protect your original (recovery) phrase.
  • Deposit some ADA into your wallet to cover minting and transaction fees.
  • To create a Cardano NFT, choose a compatible and convenient NFT maker platform, such as the platform.
  • Click on the “Mint NFT” button and you will be prompted to upload an image.
  • Select the music file or picture file you want to download.
  • On the next page, you can add metadata like title, author, etc.
  • You can use the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) for better and more secure storage.
  • You then need to send the ADA to the billing address provided on the next page.
  • Your NFT should now be on its way to the wallet you deposited ADA into.

Cardano NFT Wallets

The Cardano wallet allows members to use the ADA ecosystem by sending, receiving, holding and staking fungible and non-fungible ADA and Cardano tokens. Cardano NFT wallets allow users to access blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps), such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs), DeFi applications, and NFT marketplaces. Before choosing the right wallet, it is best to research its security and reputation to avoid risk.

Nami Wallet is a browser extension wallet that can be used on browsers such as Brave, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Its simple interface makes it a handy wallet to manage all Cardano tokens including Cardano NFT and create multiple accounts without too much hassle.

The wallet can connect to all Cardano DApps and NFT marketplaces and is compatible with major hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger. Users can stake ADA with the Nami Wallet, but they can only delegate cryptocurrency to one of the developer’s staking pools, Berry Pool.

Daedalus is an open source desktop cryptocurrency wallet developed by blockchain infrastructure research and engineering company IOG (formerly IOHC). It is considered a very secure wallet, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, with easy backup and restore features.

Users can manage all Cardano blockchain tokens, including native assets and Cardano NFTs. Unlike the Nami wallet, Daedalus allows users to stake and delegate their ADA to multiple pools. It is compatible with all major hardware wallets including Ledger and Trezor.

flint purse it is the native wallet of the Cardano browser extension. As with most Cardano NFT wallets, users can connect to Cardano decentralized applications such as Cardano DEX and Cardano NFT marketplaces. It is also compatible with Ledger, Trezor and most popular hardware wallets.

How to buy NFT on Cardano?

There are several ways and places where you can buy Cardano NFT. Users can trade NFTs on certain Cardano NFT marketplaces, but they can also mint them during the launch and drop of NFT collections or receive them as a reward. All you need to buy and sell NFT Cardano is your own wallet, compatible with ADA NFT marketplaces and websites.

Cryptocurrency minting currently provides simple tools to facilitate the process. Minting simply means creating an NFT by turning an image or music file into a non-fungible token on the Cardano blockchain.

Users must know the policyID that each item in the Cardano NFT collection must display to verify its identity and authenticity. This protects people from malicious activities and scams that fill the crypto space.

Cardano NFT Marketplaces

Since Cardano is a fast growing platform for creating and trading NFTs, new marketplaces are popping up regularly. Here are some popular and long-standing platforms for buying and selling Cardano NFTs. is a user-friendly smart contract-enabled NFT marketplace that allows users to create, buy and sell NFTs. It is an easy to use marketplace where buyers can access a list of top collections and select NFTs based on price and unique features. also provides creator royalties and rarity tables for each resource page.


Cardahub is a large Cardano NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell and issue NFTs. The marketplace provides a wide range of NFT tools for creators, digital asset collectors, and investors. It is also home to top collections such as Clay Nation which includes over 10,000 NFTs.

Cube Cardano

More than a marketplace, Cardano Cube is an NFT infrastructure aggregator with a list of over 1,000 decentralized applications (DApps) and Cardano-based projects. Cardano Cube is a user information platform dedicated to everything related to the Cardano ecosystem.


CNFT was the first Cardano NFT marketplace founded in July 2021. Since its inception, the marketplace has launched thousands of unique NFTs and hundreds of Cardano NFT art and music projects, placing it in direct competition with other major NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Foundation. .

CNFT supports Cardano NFT wallets such as Nami, Gero Wallet, Eternl and Flint Wallet and provides interesting supporting tools such as CNFT Calendar, the first event calendar in the Cardano NFT industry covering NFT drops and events.

CNFT Jungle is the largest automated Cardano NFT database and CNFT market analysis platform. Like Cardano Cube, CNFT Jungle is a market aggregator that lists Cardano projects; however, CNFT Jungle favors rarity.

How to buy and sell NFTs on CNFT?

After creating and issuing an NFT, a trader must register on the CNFT trading floor to start using the platform. Here is how to buy and sell NFTs on CNFT:

  • First, you need to create an account. The system will ask for a username, email address and password.
  • You will need to connect your downloaded NFT wallet to your newly created CNFT account in order to sell your tokens. supports any Cardano NFT compatible wallet including Nami and Daedalus,
  • Then just click “wallets” and add your wallet there. You can add your wallet by scanning the QR code or by copying and pasting the public address into your Cardano NFT enabled wallet.
  • Send the required amount of ADA to connect your wallet to the platform.

Once you have linked your Cardano-NFT-enabled wallet to the marketplace, you are ready to buy and sell NFTs.

The following steps can help you buy NFT on CNFT:

Steps to buy NFT on CNFT

The following steps can help sell NFTs on CNFT:

Steps to Sell NFTs on CNFT

Cardano NFT projects

Over the past few months, the number of NFT projects on Cardano has grown steadily. Despite fierce competition, Cardano has seen significant trading volume and demand for its NFT and metaverse projects, and its popularity as an NFT platform has steadily grown.

SpaceBudz was launched in March 2021 on the Cardano blockchain and quickly became one of the most popular projects in the community. The project played a pioneering role in the Cardano NFT community as one of the first Cardano NFT collections, a set of 10,000 collectibles featuring cute astronaut animals, among other things.

He developed the NFT metadata standard and launched the first trading platform entirely based on smart contracts. Users can bid, buy or sell one of the 10,000 animals and creatures – some rarer than others – that make up the collection to participate in this open source Cardano project.

Pavia is a decentralized NFT metaverse gaming project that aims to collect parcels of land to create sustainable spaces for the community. The project is named after the city where the Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano was born in the 16th century. The Cardano platform takes its name from an Italian Renaissance polymath.

The Yummi Universe is an ecosystem of NFT creatures, cards, and other collectibles. Rare traits in NFTs are the background, headdress, body, and face.

Yummi Universe is partnering with a UK-based merchandise brand based on the fictional character Naru Naru and his culinary adventures. The idea is to bring collections of creatures such as Pokémon, Digimon and Moshi Monsters to the blockchain.

What’s next for Cardano

2023 is seen by many as a recovery year for cryptocurrencies. The NFT, DeFi, and metaverse industries seem to be getting the attention of new media, enthusiasts, and investors as the space recovers from the effects of FTX, Celsius, and other major collapses in 2022.

Despite the bear market and negative crypto news, the Cardano NFT ecosystem has become one of the most promising projects to keep an eye on in the next few years, with an increase in new users expected throughout 2023 and beyond.

Ethereum’s high gas prices and Solana’s problems with its relationship with FTX and Alameda — one of Solana’s biggest investors during the 2021 funding round — could play into Cardano’s continued expansion, especially since its approach to scalability and compatibility gives noticeable results.

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