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Institutional Investors Refocus On Bitcoin As Market Losses Intensifies

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Recent market losses have caused institutional investors to turn their attention back to bitcoin. Inflow and Outflow Trends paint a very bright picture of a return to bitcoin to minimize losses associated with altcoins. This has resulted in most of last week’s influx coming from the pioneer cryptocurrency as altcoins mark another week with little to no inflow.

$126 million in bitcoin

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Belief in the performance of bitcoin has been renewed last week. This is evidenced by the fact that institutional inflows into the digital asset exceeded $126 million. While the last couple of months have been a bit wobbly when it comes to inflows, it does indicate that there is a possibility of a full turn in the coming tide.

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With $126 million invested in bitcoin, the total inflow since the beginning of the year has exceeded half a billion dollars to $506 million. This influx trend follows the uncertainty that has rocked the market in the last couple of weeks.

Short bitcoin has not been left out of the renewed interest. Last week, the inflow rose to $1.3 million. Thus, the total inflow from the beginning of the year to date is $55 million, which is 30% of all assets under management (AuM).

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Institutional investors are leaving altcoins

The past week has seen lackluster inserts from institutional investors when it comes to altcoins. Ethereum, which has been experiencing incessant outflows, will once again be denied a reprieve. Its outflow trend saw another $32 million leave the altcoin. This led to the outflow of the digital asset for the ninth week in a row. With so much money leaving Ethereum on a weekly basis, its AuM has declined and is now only 7% of the total AuM.

None of the altcoins saw an influx over the past week. However, multi-asset investment products still enjoy some positive sentiment from institutional investors. They saw a $4.3 million inflow over the week, continuing the inflow streak throughout the market’s downtrend.

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The influx of investment products into digital assets over the past week amounted to $100 million. Most of the inflows were recorded from the Americas, with $88 million coming from that region alone. European partners contributed $11 million to this figure.

The year-on-year inflow is currently $570 million, while the outflow from investors is $41 million. The total inflow registered last week brings the total assets under management (AuM) to $39.8 billion.

These volumes suggest that institutional investors are fleeing altcoins due to the security that Bitcoin offers.

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