JPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Improves Technical Efficiency to Boost User Satisfaction


Renowned Dubai-based cryptocurrency trading platform JPEX is stepping up its crypto game as it continues to deploy necessary measures to further expand its areas of operations.

JPEX is on a mission to continually upgrade its website functions to improve its user interface. This way desktop and mobile users can enjoy better technical resources. Notably, the platform is considered as a capital-rich exchange given its global assets and technology vast assets of over $2 billion. Its business activities extend to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia.

JPEX has taken a similar approach to other major cryptocurrency exchanges in maintaining proper safeguards on its customers’ funds by offering Proof of Capital Reserves. The sole purpose is to ease traders’ concerns about the possibility of JPEX going bankrupt like FTX.

On-chain data on JPEX’s official website shows that the exchange has two wallet addresses containing approximately 9,000 bitcoins (BTC). In addition, a number of assets secured in various cold storage locations are currently undergoing a third-party audit. Once the audit is complete, JPEX plans to issue an official announcement with additional information about these properties and a more detailed audit report.

While it has earned a prominent presence in cryptocurrency, JPEX has many functions and properties. The platform has relevant licenses, an efficient insurance mechanism, multi-signature cold wallets, a Visa payment financial card function, a JP Planet Metaverse game, and a well-performing platform.


JPEX has been continuously seeking licenses related to the trading of virtual assets, including cryptocurrencies, since its inception. Currently, the exchange holds licenses issued by regulatory authorities in Canada, Australia and the United States.

In Canada the platform holds the Canadian MSB Fintrac license, which regulates businesses engaged in currency trading and exchange services, along with other significant licenses in countries such as the United States of America (USA) and others. Furthermore, following its ability to provide an efficient insurance mechanism, JPEX is committed to offering compensation to its clients in the event of legitimate money loss given the declining state of the crypto market, high volatility, and the complexities involved in the use of crypto. is ready. purse. As a protective measure, JPEX is able to provide up to 75,000 USDT to each user.

Furthermore, to combat the growing threat of cyberattacks, which have resulted in billions of dollars stolen through crypto wallet breaches, JPEX has taken extensive security measures. These include implementing multi-signature cold wallet technology to secure the storage of cryptocurrencies. Considering its operational performance since its inception in 2020, it is fair to say that JPEX has emerged as one of the dominant forces in the cryptocurrency industry.


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