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Reportedly the United Kingdom (UK) is looking to enhance its efforts on the development of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), or say...

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KZG Ceremony Grant Round | Ethereum Foundation Blog

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The Protocol Support team is organizing a grant round to support the upcoming Ethereum KZG Ceremony.

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The KZG Ceremony is a coordinated public ritual that will provide a cryptographic foundation for Ethereum scaling initiatives like EIP-4844. Learn more about the Ceremony and participate in the test version at If you’d like funding support to contribute at a deeper level, there are two ways to qualify:

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writing your own implementation submitting entropy generated by non-traditional sources or through a unique process

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→ APPLY BY JAN 31 or learn more below

Writing your own implementation

The best way to avoid a bug affecting the entire ceremony is to have as many different implementations as possible. This eliminates the possibility for single points of failure due to software implementation bugs, and reduces other correlated risks. To that end, we’re interested in funding different implementations, especially ones that feature:

custom / bespoke BLS implementations auditable code easy to use interfaces good randomness generation unique languages ​​& compilers implementations ready for use early in the contribution phase (which starts early Jan and runs for ~2 months)

This ceremony has been specifically designed to be as simple to contribute to as possible, and we’d encourage everyone to take a look at the specs.

Our suggested funding requests for basic >> fully featured implementations range from 500 and up to 10k USD.

Unique contribution methods

Another way to help assure that the final output of the Ceremony is unbiased is to collect entropy (randomness) and ensure its destruction in a creative manner. We welcome proposals that:

collect unique forms of entropycontributes this entropy to the Ceremony destroys the entropy afterwardsdocuments the above in a credible/verifiable manner (eg video proof, a blog post with pictures, detailed written records)

Anyone who thinks they could achieve some of the above points is encouraged to apply to this grants round, as an individual or with a team.

Grants will be awarded on a case-by-case and rolling basis. You may enter more than one proposal as long as each proposal is unique and meets the requirements.


Requirements Proposals must be in English Work must be open source Proposals should aim to be complete before the end of the general contribution period Selection criteria

Surprise us with your creativity! Here are a few selection criteria considerations to help guide your proposal:

Uniqueness of proposalQuality of work and experience of contributorsClarity, conciseness and organization of the proposalContributions that help a non-technical audience gain insight into the ceremony: why it is important and how does it work Deadline

Submit by 31 Jan 2023 to be considered! We will follow up regarding your submission by email. The general public contribution period will likely start in early January and run for two months, followed by the special contribution period which is specifically for the projects funded in this grants round.

See the timeline here, with the understanding that it may shift in the future.


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