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Likely a Hoax: Telegram Denies Exposing Crypto Twitter Claims of Anonymous User

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After some very serious claims were made, the anonymous “dying” hacker became famous overnight and earned some Ether. While many are assessing whether the claims are actually true, a spokesperson for Telegram argues that the crimes the user is accused of are likely a ploy to steal users’ private keys.

Serious Claims

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It all started when a user under the pseudonym “Adyingnobody” posted a long thread on Twitter. declaring used a Telegram exploit to retrieve over 100GB of messages from a popular messaging app. This vulnerability allegedly allowed them to access the latest messages from various Telegram groups without actually joining them.

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What raised a lot of concern is the user’s claim to have access to evidence of a host of illegal activities such as fraud and carpet pulling, all the way to murder, theft, discussions of racism and homophobia, adultery, pedophilia, and sexual abuse of members of the community. the public and those in the crypto community.

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The user even said that many of the people or projects mentioned in the claims “won’t survive this either due to public backlash, financial fraud, or other obscure reasons such as embarrassment.” The alleged whistleblower also posted a link under all the sensational claims that many experts in the crypto community have spoken out about. recommended do not click on it and download files.

After releasing the Telegram messages, the user said that they would probably “break the rift in the entire community.” As a result of the severity of the claims, the user managed to acquire over 37,000 Twitter followers in just two days. Account created June 6th.


In addition, the Ethereum wallet address the Twitter user bio shows a total of 44 transactions from people who wanted to see what the main whistleblower had in store. The user said files exposing organizations and individuals would be made public in the coming weeks and would be password protected.

“No evidence of exploitation”

Security experts are asking the community to exercise caution when evaluating unusually ominous claims made by anonymous individuals and attackers. Telegram, on the other hand, claimed that its security team was unaware of such issues, and went on to call the vulnerability “a fantasy at best.” When asked to comment, a spokesperson for the messaging app said the post has “all the hallmarks of a prank”.

official Telegram response read,

“An anonymous account made an unsubstantiated claim that it was able to access the content of private group chats on Telegram. Such a vulnerability has never been discovered. This is likely a scam to trick users into downloading malware.”

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