Making a difference: The power of AgriTech and blockchain in the fight for the planet’s future

Since its inception, blockchain technology has found diverse and valuable applications to help improve efficiency and drive community participation in a variety of fields and industries.

Agriculture is a sector that can benefit from end-to-end blockchain-based technology solutions, especially when it comes to collecting data that can be used and how to make it work to improve small business operations across multiple financial and sustainability metrics. .

By 2050 this rated that 10 billion people will inhabit the Earth, and that agricultural development will be a powerful mechanism to end extreme poverty, promote shared prosperity and feed the entire population of the world. The global agri-food industry is valued at $8.5 trillion and is in dire need of technological innovation if it is to achieve such goals.

Farmers in all G20 countries have access to technologies that help them build profitable businesses and provide millions of people with sustainable, quality food. Such circumstances contrast with smallholder farmers in developing countries who struggle to prosper and produce enough food for their families. This gap must be narrowed and eventually closed if the global goal is to house and feed 10 billion people sustainably.

Blockchain in action

Blockchain and many other emerging technologies have the potential to make a huge difference for farmers around the world in addressing rising supply costs, labor shortages, and rising consumer expectations for transparency and sustainability.

Dimitra Incorporated is a global AgTech company and AgriFi solution provider. Both instruments aim to attract, accelerate and attract investment in developing countries, with a focus on the inclusion of smallholders and MSMEs in agribusiness.

Its platform integrates cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, satellites, drones, and IoT sensors, to provide farmers with actionable data that helps them increase yields, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

In addition to working with governments, farmer cooperatives, non-governmental and commercial organizations, Dimitra has also launched a customized sponsorship program allowing investors to contribute ERC-20 DMTR tokens and sponsor Dimitra-related farms and projects.

The company has already signed agreements on support multiple projects and programs World. For example, in Brazil, a partnership was formed with Ceres Agrointeligencia to encourage international business promotion and investment through selected tools and technology solutions. Other projects are underway in Bolivia, Colombia, India and Indonesia to promote the use of blockchain among their small farming businesses.

Dimitra sponsorship program helps farmers

By purchasing a DMTR token, holders can sponsor a small scale farmer with a one-year Dimitra Connected Farmer software license to make profitable blockchain-based technology available. Holders can start placing their DMTR within Dimitra Portal and provide a Connected Farmer license along with their purchase and license to stake DMTR tokens for sustainable farming. It is important to note that Dimitra’s sponsorship program is 100% transparent. Users can always see where their money is going through the Dimitra portal.

Combating deforestation is critical to the well-being and future of our planet. Forests provide numerous benefits, including oxygen production, regulation of the water cycle, biodiversity and soil conservation, and acting as carbon sinks. However, each year millions of hectares of forest land are destroyed due to activities such as illegal logging, slash-and-burn farming and land conversion for urban development. The consequences of deforestation are severe, including soil erosion, flooding, loss of habitat for wildlife and indigenous peoples, and the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Dimitra sponsorship program is an important tool in the fight against deforestation. By investing in the DMTR token, holders can sponsor smallholder farmers in developing countries by giving them access to advanced technologies, including blockchain, to increase their yields and reduce costs. This not only helps farmers, but also contributes to the conservation of the planet’s forests by promoting sustainable farming practices. In addition, the Dimitra platform is transparent, allowing token holders to see where their investments are going and what impact they are having. By participating in the Dimitra sponsorship program, DMTR token holders not only receive passive income, but also make a real contribution to the fight against deforestation.

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