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London, United Kingdom, March 8, 2023, Chainwire

GameFi arcade project Metacade continues to see a phenomenal response to its MCADE token pre-sale, with 5 stages sold out and an impressive $9.3m raised to date. It’s only two rounds left before the presale closes and the hotly anticipated token is finally listed on public exchanges.

A significant demand for the tokens during the recent Metacad presale saw Stage 5 quickly reach its token sale cap at a price of $0.0155. The current Phase 6 sees the token price at $0.017, before its final increase to $0.020 in the closing phase of the pre-sale. Once the presale is sold out, the token will be issued on multiple crypto exchanges including Bitmart and Uniswap.

Russell Bennett, CEO of Metacade, said: “It seems like only yesterday that we opened the MCADE presale and it is already taking off. We are thrilled to have found so many investors and gamephi enthusiasts on board for the next phase of Metacade’s journey. Thrilled. Everything is on track and we’ll keep the community updated every step of the way.

It’s certainly been interesting to follow the Metacode social channels, where a loyal development community shares ideas, including app interfaces and UX concepts. The business aims to hire from within the existing community as the project progresses after pre-sales.

Metacad is all set to deliver the ultimate play-to-earn experience and change the face of gaming. Built on blockchain-based play-to-earn mechanics, MetaCade will allow gamers to earn crypto income while playing a huge range of arcade-style games. The GameFi Project is building a community hub for all things gaming where gamers can meet, exchange gaming alphas, and compete against each other in tournaments to earn MCADE.

MCADE is the fuel for the MetaCade ecosystem and is used for all transactions on the platform. Gamers will be rewarded for gameplay such as overcoming challenges, completing tasks, and battling it out in PvP sessions. Users will also be awarded MCADE tokens for their valuable contributions to the platform, such as sharing knowledge with fellow gamers, writing game reviews, and attending events.

One extremely attractive feature that is attracting investors is the Metagrants initiative, which is a source of funding for game developers to build projects on the platform. Developers submit game proposals to the community who vote on the projects they want to see built. The most popular proposals are given funding and developers can set about bringing their ideas to life.

Metacad recently received approval from leading blockchain auditing firm Certic, who analyzed and assessed the project’s specifications and code, as well as assured the authenticity of the Metacad team through full KYC. This prestigious approval places Metacad among other Certic-approved projects, including Chiliz, Aave and Polygon, assuring investors that Metacad is transparent and trustworthy.

about metacade

Metacademy is the premier venue for gaming in the Metaverse. As Web3’s first community arcade that allows gamers to hang out, share gaming knowledge and play exclusive P2E games. The platform provides users with multiple ways to generate income, pursue a career in Web3, and connect with the wider gaming community.

MetaCade will be the one-stop destination for users to play, earn and network with other enthusiastic gamers from around the world. Once the project reaches the end of its roadmap, Metacad will be handed over to the community as a full DAO, further proof of its commitment to its core ethos of people-led gaming.

Whitepaper: Metacad Whitepaper
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