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MOVEZ Soars 30x Hours after Listing on OKX

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Less than a month after a successful multi-platform IDO on top launch sites such as BSCPad, Polypad, game zoneas well as MetaVPadMOVEZ, governance token MoveZrose by ??X at the price of IDO and significantly outperforms BTC, ETH and BNB, according to trackers as of June 10, 2022.

Listing on leading centralized exchanges

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BNB Chain BEP-20 Compliant MOVEZ Token Now Available for Trading on OKX, ByBit,, as well as MEKS are one of the world’s leading exchanges with a global presence and millions of customers.

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This list is very important to the MoveZ community. This indicates its developers’ penchant for quality and the desire to create a decent market cap with the best offerings for users.

Successful IDO

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During the IDO, participants used USDC and BUSD in exchange for MOVEZ. In total, the initial market capitalization was $55,000. On BSCPad, MoveZ had a cap of 900 BUSD, and on Polypad, MoveZ had a cap of 700 USDC, with investors having the same conversion rate as BSCPad. On these two launch pads alone, more than 4,750 investors participated after passing the mandatory KYC, providing them with tokens at a 99% discount.

IDO MOVEZ was completed within seconds, which was a record providing investors with tokens at a 99% discount. Notably, the MOVEZ IDO sell-off meant that many people were looking forward to acquiring the token at a time when market confidence was fluctuating, indicating the stability of the project.

Why MoveZ

The excitement before, during and after MOVEZ IDO was to be expected. MoveZ plans to compete with StepN, whose GMT token consistently outperforms BTC and remains one of the best in recent months. As the name suggests, MoveZ is based on what people do every day: moving. However, the project is a new twist, allowing members to consistently earn money by doing what they inevitably have to do every day.

In addition, the platform offers more than just moving money. Instead, the project can be used to improve your fitness level by cycling, going to the gym, and even surfing. In fact, any form of exercise can be rewarded within the app, which is a step up from the competition.

For each event recorded in the MoveZ app, users receive a BURNZ platform utility token as a reward. There is no entry barrier. Participation in the MoveZ ecosystem does not require users to own NFTs. Instead, they can participate by staking their MOVEZ tokens to gain a level.

BlueZilla – the secret to success

MoveZ The project is the first of BlueZilla’s incubated startups to be directly listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges with massive liquidity, boasting millions of users, reflecting Bluezilla’s vision of the project as a world leader. bluezilla nurtured the best projects by supporting a third of the best-selling IDOs of 2021.

MOVEZ’s surge will be further enhanced by the release of its mobile app in the next 2 weeks, and with MOVEZ trading at all-time highs on its first day of listing on OKX, investors are keeping a close eye on how the token performs in the coming weeks. . BlueZilla’s experience in successfully incubating projects, combined with the planned announcement of top tier partners, will likely take the token to the next level.

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