The economy is changing rapidly. From a global pandemic to global turmoil and changing definitions of money and value, people are rethinking what matters in their daily lives. New societies are being formed on unreliable protocols, and those online are looking to empower themselves and make their voices heard.

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There are valuable items in the world right now in both the physical and digital worlds, leading many to want to ride them. As the gap continues to close, it will only be a matter of time before a new standard is set for what the world considers truly valuable.

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Club Rare is a community-owned decentralized NFT trading platform for digital and physical goods. Here, users will see a real convergence of physical and digital in the release of the world’s first premier figurine market built on a sustainable token economy. The driving force behind this mission is the MPWR native token, which ClubRare will use to reward users on the platform and which will be the backbone of the new metaverse economy.

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As a community initiative, the project aims to reward early Web3 pioneers by giving away MPWR tokens to OpenSea users from May 26 to June 24, 2022. To participate, users will need to connect their wallets and claim their tokens by transferring NFTs from ClubRare. For those users who traded NFTs before 2022, the project ensures that they are also eligible to participate and qualify for the token giveaway. Despite putting up a significant value for sale, the team remains focused on a sustainable future, as evidenced by the project reallocating unclaimed tokens back into the ClubRare reward pool.

Fundamentals of sustainable development

The reward mechanisms ensure that the ClubRare community, including creators and collectors, is properly recognized as the foundation for future iterations of commerce and physical distribution. In practice, the ClubRare platform will empower people by connecting them directly to creators, connecting them directly to the metaverse, and ultimately connecting them back to the physical world.

As many platforms enter the scene, ClubRare is committed to never using volatile rewards or promotions to capture market share, which is what really sets it apart. Instead, the project team set itself the task of building a long-term economy within the ClubRare ecosystem. Many other projects have grown rapidly and failed just as quickly due to the dominance of a few whalers who use the entire reward system. On the contrary, ClubRare is positioned differently.

The platform enters the market arena thanks to private funding, extensive connections with global innovators, and a well-developed vision for the future. As such, ClubRare is banning token dumps, coinciding with the adoption of a more sustainable token structure.

In addition, to ensure that the community is a top priority, the project says that 60% of transaction fees will be returned to the community. The remaining fees will then be distributed between the treasury and project development.

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MPWR, the native token and the backbone of these efforts, will be seen in the listing, trading and offering of tokens. From there, the ClubRare team will build a next-gen metaverse and a reward-based collector economy based on the same token.

Where collectors gather

ClubRare has already achieved success through partnerships with The Sandbox, The Brand Collector (TBC) and Naeem Khan. Each of these will enhance the project’s ability to move from the current development phase to the upcoming global launch.

In support of this launch, ClubRare is releasing an ad that will be launched in Times Square this June when the world’s leading NFT collectors gather at NFT.NYC.

ClubRare will be attending the NFT.NYC conference in June as a Platinum Sponsor.

The platform will also host the Open Metaverse Club conference on June 23 in New York and will be making announcements including global brand partnerships at the event.

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