Nomad has announced a reward of up to 10% for recovering stolen funds from the Nomad Bridge. In an announcement on the website and in a tweet, the company publicly provided a wallet address for sending funds.

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The reward extends to everyone who now comes forward or has already returned the funds. At the time of writing, Nomad has returned over $20 million.

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On August 2, the Nomad token bridge suffered a massive hack. This incident was one of the largest crypto hacks in history, when around $200 million worth of crypto assets were stolen. However, the platform wasted no time reaching out to its community and hackers.

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In an official statement, Pranay Mohan, co-founder and CEO of Nomad, commented:

“The most important thing in crypto is the community, and our number one goal is to recover the funds of users connected to the bridge.”

In this vein, Nomad will consider any hacker who returns at least 90% of the total hacked funds as a white hat hacker. White hat hackers are sometimes referred to as “ethical hackers”. While these hackers usually use the same techniques as black hat hackers, they usually have permission from the site owner, making them legal to hack. White hats are often used to improve platform safety.

Cryptocurrency worth $2 billion stolen from bridges this year: Chainalysis

While Nomad will treat docile hackers as “white hats,” Mohan also commented that the platform “will continue to work with our partners, intelligence firms, and law enforcement to prosecute all other attackers to the full extent of the law.”

In the days following the hack, Nomad denied any claims of ignoring system bugs that could have created room for such a hack.

The platform has now announced that it is working in tandem with TRM Labs and law enforcement to continue tracking down hackers and recovering stolen funds.