On-Chain Art Goes IRL: Largest Collection of NFTs to Enter US Museum

This week was host to the largest ever acquisition of blockchain-based art from a US museum. Nearly two dozen new additions of NFT art were gifted to one of Los Angeles’ most recognizable museums by one of the most recognizable names in NFTs.

Let’s take a look at which collections made the list, what you can expect from Acquisitions, and more.

On-Chain Art Goes IRL: What and Where

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (commonly referred to as ‘LACMA’) is one of LA’s most signature museums, and the largest museum in the western US LACMA hosts a rotating offering of historic paintings and pieces . LACMA is also home to permanent outdoor public works such as Chris Burden’s “Urban Light” (pictured in the header above), Michael Heizer’s “Levitated Mass,” and more. The museum is aptly located in the heart of Los Angeles next to the La Brea Tar Pits – a unique area in LA where natural asphalt has bubbled to the surface for thousands of years.

You may not be able to secure your ticket to the museum in the form of an NFT (at least not yet), but you can certainly spot some NFTs soon. A new era of history enters the halls of LACMA this week, courtesy of notable NFT collector Cozomo de’ Medici.

Ethereum (ETH) has been the genesis of the art on-chain, though many other chains are seeing development in this vertical – even bitcoin. , Source: ETH-USD Price of a Collection on

What cut the Medici’s generous gift to the museum? A LACMA press release with a corresponding twitter thread Medici details what’s to come for the museum’s blockchain-based takeover. This is an amazing compilation of some of the most recognizable and legacy collectibles in the NFT space. Dubbed ‘The Medici Collection’, the 22 NFTs include iconic ‘heritage’ pieces, generative and AI-created pieces, photography, code and more. Additionally, Medici and team did an excellent job of bringing a global element to the blockchain-based work featuring 13 international artists from around the world.

The additions add substantial weight to LACMA’s existing collection of digital pieces, a growing category for the museum as space has grown. In a statement included in the press release, Dhynra Lawson, LACMA’s assistant curator of contemporary art, said:

“It is a great honor for the works of The Medici Collection to find a permanent home at LACMA. With this gift, my goal was to help bridge the worlds of on-chain art and contemporary art, which until now existed separately. I am thrilled to contextualize these historically significant on-chain works alongside the many iconic works of art in LACMA’s collection.


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