Original Bitcoin Wizard Artist Raises Nearly $150,000 in BTC via Lightning, Despite Criticism From Bitcoin Maximalists

On Monday, cryptocurrency advocate Udi Wertheimer shared a story on Twitter explaining how he and Taproot Wizards helped the artist behind the original 2013 bitcoin wizard meme raise almost $150,000 in bitcoin. Although the minting and sale were successful, Wertheimer explained that the Bitcoin maximalists and r/bitcoin moderator Bashco did not like it.

The Artist Who Created the 2013 Bitcoin Wizard Meme Raised $150,000 in Bitcoin

With more than 150,000 ordinal inscriptions As far as the Bitcoin blockchain is concerned, there is no denying that people appreciate the concept and the demand for this technology continues. This week, Taproot Wizard and cryptocurrency advocate Udi Wertheimer told the story of how the creator original bitcoin wizard meme raised 6 BTCor about $150,000. Wertheimer explained how he and Masters of Taproot helped the creator of the meme, Mavensbot, release and sell a collection of ordinal inscriptions to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his work.

“Revenue – over 6 BTC in 3 hours! – went to support the artist”, – Wertheimer. tweeted. “Payments were mainly from NFT users who downloaded the Lightning wallet from [the Lightning Network extension Alby] for the first time in my life and did [bitcoin] payment within 3 hours after the limited sale.

Wertheimer added that seeing everything going on made him really happy just using bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network to support the artist. However, Wertheimer also noted that the bitcoin maximalist and moderator of r/bitcoin bashco I didn’t like the caption. “Bitcoin Maxi hate us for this. And of course they do,” Wertheimer insisted, sharing a screenshot of Basko’s comment. The cryptocurrency advocate’s twitter also mentions how bashco well known for “supporting extreme censorship” on the r/bitcoin subreddit.

He said maximalists and people like Basko hate ordinals because they thought JPEGs were evil. “The high priests of the Bitcoin cult have spoken out,” Wertheimer noted. Despite people like Basko and a group of people who call themselves maximalists, Wertheimer insists that most “bitcoiners are not like that.” One person said: “I don’t understand – bitcoin maxi wants [bitcoin] be the world’s currency, but it can’t buy JPEGs?”

Wertheimer stressed that the real bitcoiners are “builders, explorers, explorers and just hobbyists” and added that Bitcoin maxi is a “disease”. The cryptocurrency advocate ended his tweet by noting that he believes it is time for bitcoiners to heal. “It’s time to get back to the spirit of Bitcoin Wizard 2013. Playfulness, experimentation, innovation. Don’t take yourself so damn seriously all the time. FUN for Satoshi,” Wertheimer concluded.

What do you think about using bitcoin to support artists through the sale of NFTs and ordinal inscriptions, and how do you feel about the controversy around bitcoin maximalists and their opposition to this type of artwork on the blockchain? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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