Prince Filip Karađorđević, known as Filip Karađorđević in English, has calmed rumors that the Arab country will “soon” accept bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. In an interview Philip gave from Serbia, the prince explained that Bitcoin adoption is inevitable for all countries.

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As a result of his dissertation, he first shared on Bitcoin reserves podcast, some news outlets picked up on the comments. Headlines that an Arab country would soon adopt Bitcoin spread quickly. However, as a supporter of Bitcoin, Philip explained that the adoption of Bitcoin is in fact inevitable for all countries, not just for the Arab states:

“It will definitely happen. But I don’t know what country or who is going to do it or anything like that, but it’s bound to happen. Every country will eventually adopt Bitcoin.”

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The prince shared that bitcoin is great for Muslim countries because “it brings in the perfect money according to Sharia.” Islamic law, known as Sharia, is based on the teachings of the Qur’an and determines whether something is permitted (halal) or illegal (haram). In the case of money, Philp argues that bitcoin is in fact a halal and ideal form of Islamic finance:

“It is only a matter of time before a Muslim country that follows Sharia law will have to accept them. Some people are grabbing onto it and making it into an item for sale, saying that of course, if the prince knows that some Arab or Muslim country will soon accept bitcoin, then it will happen.”

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Prince Philip is technically the Prince of Serbia and Yugoslavia, because when the monarchy was abolished, Serbia as a country had not yet been created. “But today, apparently, Yugoslavia does not exist. And since we are Serbs by origin, it means that they are Serbian,” said Philip. Serbia is currently a parliamentary republic, although some Serbs support the creation of a parliamentary monarchy similar to the United Kingdom.

Philip burst onto the bitcoin scene in March of this year when he appeared on a talk show. He explained the difference between Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, adding that “Bitcoin is freedom and that is what I want for everyone.”

Philip told Cryptooshala that the three-minute video changed his life. He was a guest at the Bitcoin Miami 2022 conference and even played a role in the President of Madeira’s journey into bitcoin.

As for the adoption of Bitcoin in Serbia, unfortunately, the prince cannot wave the royal wand and create a Serbian-style El Salvador in Europe. However, Serbia’s adoption of bitcoin comes with certain benefits, the prince points out:

“There are many Serbs in the world. This is a huge diaspora. I think the largest concentration or largest diaspora is in Canada, then in Chicago.”

The use case for remittances for the approximately 500,000 Serbs living outside of Serbia who regularly send money back home is compelling. Considering that Bitcoin knows no boundaries, offering people the ability to instantly send funds around the world without intermediaries, it can support the Serbian economy. For El Salvador, in the first year of Bitcoin adoption, remittances to the country exceeded $50 million.

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In addition, Serbia neighbors the Free Republic of Liberland. A microstate nestled on a narrow stretch of land on the Danube River, Liberland adopted Bitcoin as its currency over seven years ago. There is evidence of massive bitcoin propaganda in the Balkans.

In addition, one of the most titled tennis players in the world, Novak Djokovic, is a Serb. He is also free-spirited and has staunch anti-state views. In the prince’s eyes, he is “an obvious orange pill that needs to happen, 100%.”