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Quantum Economics partners with LitBit for project incubation

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Research and analytics company Quantum Economics will partner with LitBit Finance to develop and accelerate startups in the blockchain industry.

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Both companies are looking to pool their resources to identify new crypto projects with significant potential and help them achieve their goals. With their combined knowledge, experience and unique approach to the crypto industry, the companies intend to make a real difference in this area.

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Quantum Economics is a financial analytics company that provides people with the data and resources to understand and navigate the current economic landscape. With a team that includes financial advisors, administrators, and analysts, the team is committed to increasing financial literacy, especially around investments.

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The partnership will allow both companies to work with blockchain startups to help with the initial development and scaling of their ideas. The focus will be on tokenomics, public relations, funding, community management, marketing and product development.

Speaking about the partnership, Quantum Economics founder Mati Greenspan said:

“Historically, investing has always been a very exclusive activity, especially when it comes to emerging technologies. Large investors have always had a head start compared to retail, but blockchain and tokenization are changing everything.”

Greenspan, a licensed portfolio trader in the European Union, also added:

“At Quantum Economics, we are always hearing about extremely promising startups, talented entrepreneurs, and investors of all kinds. This partnership allows us to help everyone in a more efficient and structured way.”

Meanwhile, LitBit Finance’s expertise lies in unearthing hidden gems among the many projects in the saturated blockchain industry. The team is developing a decentralized exchange platform and incubation services on the Cronoa network.

LitBit is committed to providing investors with access to proven projects with passionate professionals who deliver on their promises. This will solve the problem of accountability and quality, which is currently lacking in space.

By verifying information about each project before providing support, LitBit intends to fully protect users and limit the influence of large investors that dominate the blockchain industry.

LitBit founder and CFO Tino Skelin explained:

“With the disappearance of major crypto players like the Terra/Luna ecosystem, Three Arrows Capital, and possibly Celsius, due diligence on blockchain projects has become more important than ever.”

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