Diversification: This is one of the most important strategies for investors, especially when the markets are volatile.

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According to one project, non-fungible tokens are often overlooked as an asset class.

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Blockchain Cuties Universe says that well-known, established collections are more likely to see their NFTs’ value endure over time.

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And given that the project describes itself as one of the pioneers of the blockchain gaming industry, BCU claims it falls into that category.

The game was originally launched in April 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain, and just three months later, specially designed collectible NFTs were introduced.

Fast forward and BCU has been deployed on other blockchain networks: Polygon, EOS, TRON, NEO, and HECO.

Blockchain Cuties Universe says it has been involved in the NFT gaming scene since the inception of the industry and continues to innovate as the market moves at breakneck speed.

For example, the platform recently hosted its first governance event.

The seventh season of the game has come to an end, and gamers have been given the opportunity to decide how it should end – and what happens next.

To vote, players used the Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance token. Those who had more BCUG in their wallet had more influence on the outcome.

According to Blockchain Cuties Universe, this DeFi-based approach is much more transparent – ​​and rewards those who spend the most time playing the game with the opportunity to determine its future direction.

What’s next

We got a glimpse of what BCU had in store earlier in July when plans for the eighth season of the blockchain game were revealed.

Each season is considered an in-game event and lasts for about three months, unlocking additional content for players.

The eighth season is said to have been inspired by the legends of Ancient Greece and it will lead to unprecedented challenges for the players fighting for victory.

The villains are going to use the powers of the Greek underworld in an attempt to take over the land of the Cuties.

The project claims that its game can be equally useful for both new and experienced players.

Constant innovation is critical for blockchain-based gaming, and new content keeps gamers coming back for more and increases their loyalty.

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Vibrant Community

Blockchain Cuties Universe regularly offers weekly updates on the latest developments in the ecosystem, as well as statistics on how many NFTs have been bought and sold. This data can provide an exciting insight into the broader state of the crypto market.

New features are constantly being added – and back in June, BCU integrated with a popular multi-chain crypto wallet called BitKeep.

It may be crypto winter right now, but the colder months still bring us a lot of joy – and when Season 8 comes out, it will be like Christmas morning for avid gamers in the Blockchain Cuties universe.

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