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This is the perfect time to ask that special someone, “Want to HODL my hand?” By sending them crypto this Valentine’s Day. These days it’s $ROSE over ROSE anyway!

And if you don’t have a darling, go ahead and get 69% off CoinStats Premium until February 14th, 2023.

There are 1000 and 1 reasons to send crypto gifts to your Valentine. Let’s learn about some of them!

Reasons Why You Should Gift Crypto This Valentine’s Crypto started 2023 with a rally and keeps expanding, so your gift is an invitation for your SO to be a part of something exciting and trendy. Who doesn’t love receiving digital money as a gift? Show your loved one why you are investing in crypto, hope they share your interest. Crypto is the perfect last minute Valentine’s gift. A lovey-dovey design, a pretty message, and your favorite coin can be packaged into a shareable link with just a few clicks. Your crypto gift card can be a great investment, growing and making your partner richer. Giving crypto for Valentine’s Day is very rare and unique. He will surely like the element of originality and surprise.

Gift your favorite coin with one easy link

take your valentine with you to the moon

Pack a cute gift How to create and send a gift card?

Let’s make a Coinstats gift card for Valentine’s Day! We have many options for backgrounds, coins and labels for free. The gift card is free, you’re only paying for the crypto you’re sending.

Ready to invite your sweetheart into your world? Just follow these steps:

Open the Coinstats app, in the bottom right corner and tap on Crypto Gifts. Make sure you have updated it to version 4.12.0 or 4.12.1. Tap Continue, Valentine’s Day background, and choose the coin you want to send (ETH, SHIB, BNB, AAVE, LINK, and MATIC available), and finally an amount between $30 and $20,000. You can also choose a label. Add your SO’s name and a cute message in the “Gift To” field. Tap Send gift. Review the gift and tap Confirm. 🌹 Roses are red…

Violets are blue, I want to spend the rest of the night explaining cryptography to you. At Coinstats, you can pack a cute and trendy gift card that your partner is sure to appreciate in just a few clicks! Love and money make the world go round after all.


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