Shiba Inu’s Fast Food Restaurant Welly Might Be Eyeing Tokyo Expansion

ValleyAccording to a recent Twitter post, a Shiba Inu-themed burger joint may be planning an expansion in Tokyo, Japan.

According to a message posted on Welly’s official Twitter account, Welly’s core team will be in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, for seven days from February 24 to March 3.

The team did not specify what activities would be carried out over the seven days, but urged their “Welly friends” in the area to schedule a meeting.

At the start of the year, Welly said its top priorities were stores and franchising, which she works full-time on. Thus, it would be reasonable to assume that the purpose of Walley’s visit to Japan could still be aimed at its expansion.

This February, Welly celebrated the first anniversary of its partnership with Shiba Inu and stated that it sent 37.5 ETH to the Shib Doggy DAO wallet as part of its contribution to SHIB.

SHIB lead developer teases Shibarium integration for IRL

Shiba Inu lead developer Shitoshi Kusama said earlier that the partnership with Welly strengthens SHIB’s first step towards IRL projects (in real life).

In his second Blog Post Introducing Shibarium, Kusama talked about how Shibarium can be integrated into IRL projects.

He wrote: “How can Shibarium be used in IRL projects as more than just another application provider to earn bonus points? Thanks to the information I gathered during my research, I was able to focus in a new way on IRL for Shibarium, which I have partially outlined. see the previous article and we’ll be talking more about this incredible product during the beta.”

Speaking of Welly, Kusama said the burger joint will continue as planned and has begun renovating its first location, acquiring and designing its second store, and franchising opportunities.

However, he stated that some members of the breed saw the new Welly team as a threat to their survival, necessitating an alarming response shortly after the partnership was signed.

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