The developers have fixed a runtime bug that caused Solana’s last network outage on June 1st.

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According to report published by Solana Labs on June 5, Solana’s fifth outage in 2022 was caused by a bug in the “persistent one time transaction feature” that caused the network to stop producing blocks for approximately four and a half hours.

“The durable one-time transaction feature has been disabled in the v1.9.28/v1.10.23 releases to prevent the network from shutting down if the same situation occurs again.”

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“Durable one-time transactions will not be processed until mitigation is applied and the feature is re-enabled in the next release,” they added.

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The term durable one-time transactions refers to a type of transactions in Solana that do not expire, unlike regular transactions on the network, which typically have a lifespan of around 2 minutes before the blockhash becomes too old to be verified.

It is typically used to support transactions related to ways such as storage services that take longer than usual to “create a signature for a transaction” according to the Solana documentation.

Solana Labs noted that transactions with a strong nonce require a separate “mechanism to prevent double processing and are processed sequentially”, however, the runtime error manifested itself after a transaction with a strong nonce was processed as a normal transaction and failed, but then resubmitted again. and brought the network to a halt.

“After the failed transaction was processed, but before the nonce was used again, the user resubmitted the same transaction for processing. This resubmission triggered a runtime error,” the report says.

Is Solana a “buy” with SOL at a 10-month low and 85% below its peak?

The price of Solana’s own SOL asset has fallen by about 13.9% since the mainnet shutdown on June 1st and stands at $39.08 at the time of writing. However, investors’ appetite for trading the asset only increased, with 24-hour trading volume up 61% to $2.141 billion over the same time period, according to CoinGecko data.

More broadly, data from Solana-focused analytics platform Hello Moon shows that the total value moved on the network (successfully) in terms of the seven-day moving average has declined significantly since the end of March.

After hitting a record high of $3.18 trillion on March 24, that figure has fallen to about $159.71 billion as of June 4.