South Korea announces $51M investment to expand metaverse-related projects Curated…

Crypto regulation, DAO wars, DeFi sagas, bitcoin supremacy and digital avatars, all here with market updates and memes.

>What’s inside the CCC?🫣

$51 million spent by South Korea to support the development of its Metaverse region has been made public. Just a month ago, the nation contributed $185 million to initiatives related to the Metaverse. Continue reading » Thailand Cabinet Waivers Crypto Taxes For Companies Offering Investment Tokens. The Thai government estimates that investment token transactions could generate over $3.7 billion over the next two years. keep reading “Alameda Research is suing Grayscale for a self-imposed redemption injunction. Alameda Research wants to “unlock” the $9 billion administration fee and share price they claim to be owed. Keep reading » Hacker transferred 2,250 Ether to Tornado Cash in a seven-hour period April 2021 Uranium Finance lost $50 million after hackers took advantage of a vulnerability in Uranium’s v2 contracts. Continue reading » 2-year Standard plan drops down to $2.99/month.
2 Year Plus Plan – $3.99 /month.
2-Year Full Plan — $5.29/month. The 1-year Standard plan drops down to $4.49/month.
1 Year Plus Plan – $5.49/month.
1-Year Full Plan – $6.79/month. The highest bid in the election was 7.1159 BTC, while the lowest successful bid was 2.2501 BTC. The collection, with more than 300 generative art pieces, received more than 3,000 bids in 24 hours. Continue reading » A new cryptocurrency mixing service is being developed to address a “significant flaw” in approved crypto mixers, says a former Tornado Cash developer. Layer 2 Scaling System Optimism, Privacy Pool, a fork of Coin Mixer Tornado, implemented by Cash & Open Source Research Project. keep reading “

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