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Terra Founder Do Kwon allegedly voted on his own proposal using one of his secret wallets

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Do Kwonfounder and CEO of Terraform Labs, faced multiple allegations of foul play over the collapse of Terra (DINNER) cryptocurrency and TerraUSD (USTTS) stablecoin. Charges ranged from pumping $8 million per month revoke $2.7 billion from the Terra ecosystem via DegenBox.

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Now, a whistleblower on Twitter has accused the Terraform Labs CEO of vote rigging. According to a whistleblower alias FatMan, Do Kwon violated Terraform Labs rules by using one of his secret wallets to vote on the firm’s Terra Station proposal.

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FatMan made these statements through his Twitter account, saying:

“Caught. The ‘mysterious’ 20M LUNA airdrop wallet that voted on Do’s own proposal, delegated by North Star, ASTRO insider trading, etc. is officially confirmed to belong to Do Kwon himself.”

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The tweet also includes a screenshot of a previous Twitter thread where FatMan was trying to figure out the true identity of the “mystery wallet” that voted “yes” to Do Kwon’s proposal with 5% of the vote and was funded by 20 million LUNA tokens.

Do Kwon responded by saying he would draw a line under “purse doxing” and urging the whistleblower to “stay above the witch hunt”.

FatMan tried to find out about the relationship between the wallet and Terraform Labs, to which Do Kwon replied that the wallet belongs to “the holder of the token purchase agreement with TFL.” [Terraform Labs]and then declined to comment further.

This tweet is part of a three-tweet thread outlining the allegations with links to the Columbus-5 proposal and the alleged Do Kwons secret wallet.

FatMan went on to say that Do Kwon used the same secret wallet to send a proposal titled “Columbus-5 Main Network Upgrade Proposal and Recommendations” in August 2021.

FatMan shared one of the proposals called Col-5 Agora to provide further evidence that Do Kwon used the wallet to vote on specific proposals. In this particular proposal, the wallet was used to vote multiple times to ensure that the proposal was successful.

As FatMan pointed out, the wallet in question is Kwon’s second wallet to vote on proposals.

Fat Man ended the thread by pointing out that Terraform Labs has stated that it will not vote on proposals or use insider information. The source also stated that the company wants to “squeeze more money out of the community”:

“They told you that the TFL does not vote. They told you the TFL didn’t fall into the trap. But you will notice that every tiny thing they do is designed to extract more money from the “community” through puns and manipulation. He doesn’t care about you. You are his tool and always have been.

Terraform Labs and its founder Do Kwon have come under increasing scrutiny since the LUNA/UST scandal. In May Distribution of the Moon 2.0 was unevenly distributed among the original LUNA holders, as well as money laundering allegations and investigations authorities in South Korea.

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