On a sun-drenched afternoon in the Swiss Alps, Bitfinex and Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino talked about Plan B Lugano’s strategy, Tether as a path to bitcoin (BTC), and most importantly, his favorite pizza topping.

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Fresh from Norway, where Ardoino took part in the increasingly bitcoiner-friendly Oslo Freedom Forum, the Italian explained that, unlike the WEF, there is no “shilling” in Norway.

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Tether was invited to speak at the Freedom Forum in Oslo as the stablecoin is increasingly seen as a “tool of freedom.” Tether has been adopted by the government of Myanmar, while the government of Ukraine has been accepting donations in cryptocurrencies, including Tether, since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“Tether is one of the tools that distressed countries can use, where the national currency is devalued – where people want to have an advantage against crazy inflation.”

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Ardoino cites Turkey and Argentina as examples. The Turkish lira has lost 50% of its purchasing power and the cryptocurrency, often seen as a hedge against uncertain currencies, is experiencing a second wave of interest. Ardoino also acknowledged that:

“Bitcoin is great, but they need price stability, long-term price stability. […] “Bitcoin is great for a lot of things, but a lot of people don’t understand it yet.”

Regarding the Plan B strategy in Lugano, where Bitcoin and Tether are de facto legal tender in the Swiss city, Ardoino shared that educational models in Switzerland are extending to El Salvador.

“Bitcoin for everyone. You have people in a poor country who need Bitcoin as their main financial infrastructure. On the other hand, you have the country with the most banks in the world and they still need bitcoin.”

Tether Launches Crypto and Blockchain Education Program in Switzerland

Ardoino also criticized Satoshi Nakamoto’s pizza choices. toppings. Bitcoin Pizza Day happened the day before the WEF, the day when Bitcoiners around the world eat and try to pay for pizza with Bitcoin. Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto famously enjoyed pineapple and jalapeno pizza, to which Ardoino commented, “No one is perfect.”