Theta Network to enable collaborative machine learning with new partnership

Blockchain video delivery network Theta Labs has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) platform FedML to enable collaborative machine learning for content recommendation and generative AI.

In an announcement sent to Cryptooshala, the two firms said the partnership will focus on collaborative training on large-scale generative AI models, allowing the Theta TV community to bring personal preference and computing resources into training and deploying AI models to improve personalized recommendations. and advertising through FedML.

Web-scale collaborative/joint learning and provision of AI models for content recommendations. Source: FedML

Run by many decentralized nodes around the world, Theta Edge Network is well suited for the distributed computing needed for collaborative machine learning and other AI use cases, according to the FedML team. FedML co-founder and CEO Salman Avestimer said the partnership brings together two visions to enable collaborative AI in the Web3 space. He further explained that:

“Advertising recommendations and generative AI are just two of the immediate applications where people urgently need to put their personal data into training machine learning models that they all benefit from.”

Meanwhile, Theta Labs co-founder and CEO Mitch Liu said the partnership opens up a new use case for Theta edge nodes, opening up opportunities for AI and machine learning development at a “distributed global level.”

How AI can make the metaverse more interactive

One of the most popular recent AI developments has been ChatGPT, an AI support tool developed by OpenAI. On December 19, 2022, Cryptooshala spoke with various Web3 professionals to find out how new development could impact the Web3 space. HashEx CEO Dmitry Mishunin said that in the long run, this could be either good, improving security, or wrong, like a dystopia.

Meanwhile, in a recent episode hashing Podcast with Elisha Owusu Akyau of Cryptooshala, Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik talked about how AI will be integrated into the user experience of cryptocurrencies. According to Svanevik, artificial intelligence will play an important role in the future of the crypto space.

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